Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hi peoples. How are you?

Today is Friday. No, wait, it's about 1 in the morning on a Saturday. Let's start over.

Today is early Saturday morning. Yesterday, being Friday, I returned from Warren Dunes with Pedro. We had been gone since Wednesday. It was a really, really, really nice trip. I had such a great time speeding down two lane highways, getting lost kind of on purpose, looking at the trees (which would cause me to drift into oncoming traffic), wonder about insects, smear myself with clay, say "fuck no" to giant hills, win a stuffed banana out of a vending machine, kiss and spoon, stare at giant sundaes, cower in fear at massive rain storms, obey the urge to swim, stick a pebble in my suit only to find it later, watch 3 episodes of Mythbusters, tickle Pedro, not care about what my hair looked like, try to barbeque, eat a sandwich in the trunk of my car, make fun of loud families, eat a burrito that could almost compare with Allende's, drive a number of miles in a great big circle, wish I had brought a better camera to capture all the beautiful textures and tones, become "Mud Hands," chase seagulls, awe at nature, eat bomb pops, not wear sunscreen, wander Meijer, eat melted iced cookies, not eat the healthy food I brought, drink Woodchuck Cider, etc.

On Thursday I leave for Italy. I am terrified. I've suddenly realized I haven't spent enough time with my family. I'm going to miss them.