Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Hello Silvia and Mars!

I call myself Angela Papaleo and I have 21 years. I am a student to the universita' of DePaul where study communications.

A thing that I would want to say and' displeases me, pear tree' I think that I forgot my Italian. I studied for 10 month when I was at school. for 2 or 3 month I have not praticato when I was at home. Then, if there are some mistakes in this thing, me dispace.

I am amusing and friendly... then, I think I am amusing and friendly! Nevertheless, it the people pleases me and it pleases to learn I am thought me that we will amuse ourselves together! It pleases me the animals, the books and the music rock. To this point, I work to a radio station on the' internet and also I am a maid to a restaurant to Crestwood, a suburb not too distant from my house to Chicago. To my house I live with my famigla: my pope, Anthony, my mama Mary Jo, my sister Lily and my dog, Vinny. I have a boy is called Pedro, has 24 years.

Mars, scenery and' a lot of interessente, I cannot wait for hear about its studies. I have a friend who studies the theater, and I have another friend who studies the customs for the theater. The theater pleases me, a thing that I want to do and' to go the' work when I am in Italy.

Silvia, my cousin Gina (rhyme, no?) is a teacher, this autumn and' the first time that teaches. I am secure that it would love it hear the advice from You, if You has whatever! How many years have the students?"

A direct translation courtesy of from the letter I am writing to my Italian host family. I just got their information today. Here's the 411:

Silvia, mom/teacher, age 46.
Marta, daughter/student at the university, studies set design, age 19.
They have no pets (a little saddening) but they're into film, theatre, art and other cool stuff.