Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Headbutts, mothers and nipples, oh my!

So I just read this article from the BBC about Zidane and Matterazi. Zidane claims that Matterazi insulted his mother and called him a "terrorist." Matterazi denys those claims by saying, "I didn't call Zidane a terrorist and certainly didn't mention his mother."

As of right now, I really don't give a hoot if Zidane or Matterazi is lying. What I want to know is...in what language did Matterazi supposedly insult Zidane? Does Zidane speak Italian, or does Matterazi speak French? Or did this all happen in Spanish? I think the authorities should look into this.

Anyway, read the article, it's pretty interesting. The BBC brought in a deaf lip-reader to analyze the tape of Matterazi speaking to Zidane...it's pretty funny.

Sugar Momma