Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Okay well maybe not "to the point of no return" but just wanted to let you all know that I'm waisted. Heh. Waisted. Mary just dropped me off and I am 21 years old so who the fuck cares how drunk i am in my houese!!!?? Not my dog, he said hello.

Aoooooooooooooooo Goootta druve lily in themorning, that shoildl be fun. I'm, typing like Dana types. Maybe dana is drunk all the time I DONKT KNOW!! silly dana. trix are not for the dana.

thanks to all who wished me a happity birthitday/bought me a shot (katies cousiN!?!?)! Love all you all and I cant wait for ppl to come on saturday. Even if you dont come, know that I am in lurve with you to begin with so you being alivemakes me a happy camper.

IUts only 11:43. hope no one thinks im lame!~ ill be this dr4unk on saturday when i dont have to do anything in the morning.

got champagne and antique champagne glasses from my aunt kate, plus nice things of monetary value from grtandma and grandpa and i am very glad.

katie bought me a drink and mary drive me. they are the best girsl a girl coukd have, yknow? what???? pedro got me food that made me almost poo in the car. man, without sparkle motioon and boys i would be a pathetic nerd.

k bye!