Friday, June 23, 2006

Grab your daughters, parents! MySpace.Com will corrupt them into running away to the Middle East to marry A-rabs!

Can anyone guess why this girl might have run away? Perhaps because her parents are a little too over-protective? While I don't think this girl had the right idea, she should have at least waited till she was 18. Then no one could have done anything. Fool.

Anyways, I went to Great America with Pedro yesterday and it was awesome! There were almost no lines, the weather was perfect, and we brought our own food so we, well, Pedro didn't have to spend an arm and a leg. We went on all the rides except for Batman (it was closed) and Deja Vu (I was too chicken).

We both went on the Iron Wolf for the first time, too, and that ride sucks. I noticed that when everyone got off the Wolf no one was really thrilled or jumpy like when one gets off something like the Raging Bull. Instead of, "Yahoo!" or laughter, there was silence. After I got off I realized it's because the ride sucks. It hurts your crotch, it hurts your head, and don't nobody like to stand up on a roller coaster. We also went on V2, that ride is insane. There's no "tension" like on a regular roller coaster when you have to wait to get to the top. Instead, after you sit down you're in the air at something like 1,000,000,000,000,000mph. Go on it. You'll love it.

Man, I wanna go back today! But alas, I have to be at Lonestar at 3:30. This whole "working" thing has become more troublesome than anything else in the world. I need ca$h money and I need it soon. Happily, my birthday is in, um, 3 days so I can pay Katie back the 40 some dollars I owe her to see Muse. Sorry, Katie. Thought I had money. But I don't. You'll get it back.

I'm really excited for my birthday, haven't been this excited since I turned 6! For some reason, turning 6 is a big deal. Why? You're only 6! Maybe being 6 is like being 18. You're not "a baby" anymore, in fact you can go to 1st grade, and that is a very big-kid thing to do. Also, you get a bike. And now you're held more accountable for your actions, much like an 18 year old. You can't really buy cigarrettes at 18 or get married (actually I think the Illinois legal marriage age without parental consent is 17), but you get to ride that bike all over the neighborhood. And that's a lot of fun.