Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm in a better mood than from when I was the last time I wrote. Things are turning up Milhouse in a way. On Saturday I will be going to orientation at Lonestar and hopefully I can start making some mad money. Right.

And today I went to AccuRadio to meet my new co-workers and I feel like I'll have a good time there. Very laid back, very cool dudes (yeah, mostly if not all dudes, total sausage fest, man), very dedicated to music dudes. With my laissez-faire background at Radio DePaul I'll fit right in. Also, we have roof access at our building so I see some serious summer parties. Okay, well, no. But we had our meeting up there and I got sunburned. Sweet.

Last night I went to do laps with Mary. I found out that 1 mile = 1760 yards. Today I will go for a mile. Laugh.

Okay so I know I work there now and have an obvious bias, but check out AccuRadio's indie station, Accuradio.com/indie. That's what I'll be promoting. And that's why you should check it out. So, HTTP://WWW.ACCURADIO.COM/INDIE