Friday, March 03, 2006

Okay, so. Here's the story. The other day in class I found a little silver plastic ring on the ground. I joked with Katie that when I would put it on I would turn invisible. She just called me a dork and that was that.

Then, the other night I had a dream that the ring I found really was The One Ring! In my dream I had to travel to Mordor with Sparkle Motion + Pedro (to complete the nonfecta) and destroy it. Gollum was there too and he was gonna kill us all, and there were fairies and all sorts of fun stuff in the back of Katie's cottage. I can't remember all the details because it was just too crazy and all over the place; however I can remember that I never expected to come back alive. Very sad.

That being said I will now assign roles to Sparkle Motion (and Pedro) that correspond to the Fellowship, followed by an explanation.

Frodo - Me (well, I did find the ring, didn't I?)
Sam - Pedro (for obvious reasons)
Merry - Mary (the name rhymes and she's a take-charge kinda gal)
Pippin - Annie (I'm sure Katie will disagree, but I feel that Annie is a total space cadet, yet a braveheart nonetheless)
Gimli - Katie (very tough, very strong, likes axes)
Legolas - Anne (very graceful, very keen and sharp)
Aragorn - Seana (wants to marry an Elf)
Boromir - Dana (will stop at nothing to attain a goal, very passionate about what she wants)
Gandalf - Erin (Ok, think of this: There comes a white light from behind a robed figure. The light dims and Seana, Anne and Katie see the figure in detail. It is a woman, draped in white-- the White Wizard. She lowers her staff to the ground and smiles a wisend smile of understanding and happiness. There is no one more graceful or powerful than her. She topples and falls. It is Erin.)