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This is what both my kid and my apartment will look like. No joke.

Hi, all! I've been killing my liver lately because of my newfound love of spending money on booze. My name is Angela and it's been one day since my last drink. I'm not an alcoholic, I just behave like one. But seriously, all this boozing is taking a toll on my body. I'm feeling a lot more flabby than usual, and that's not all to blame on bob. I blame it on having an ample amount of decent and free food at home, as well as no gyms to go to, as well as turning 21. Well, that whole gym part is bullshit, I can go swimming, but I've been boozing. So yknow.

People around my house need to keep their crunk speakers on 10's, please, not on 11's. Retards.

Seana's going to Australia and it is soooo good to hear it! As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "LUCKY!" But I'm goin to It-ly, so it works out in the end. Still haven't made much money at work. Still owe Anne 500 smackers and still owe the credit card about 160. All together thats 660 bucks and I've only grossed, well, that's none of your bidness. But let's just say that I don't have enough to pay off my debts. Man, I hate bein an adult sometimes...

Let's move on, shall we? So I don't make you gauge your eyes out? Last night we went to Dan Egan's where Dana introduced us to The Horserace drinking game. Amazing. Come, you will play it with me.