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Okay seriously. Another survey from 100000 years ago...

1. I feel like______I'm alright.
2. We are so immersed in_______our own perceptions.
3. Fondle the________wanger!
5. If you avoid______milk you will not be phlegmy.
6. Enter the______butt.
7. I really wish______I coulda said something.
8. Please don't______touch the monkey.
9. Umbrellas make______bad lunches.

1. A lot of people______are stupid.
2. Cure my______fat ass!
3. Mom insists on______making outrageous demands.
4. Breathe in the______sulfur from 4th of July.
5. Capitalism will______never go away.
6. Anarchy will______strive to end capitalism.
7. Everything I know______is subject to debate.
8. Give her the room to______fart, she's a roundhouse farter! WATCH OUT!
9. I think that you are______nice.