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Okay well maybe not "to the point of no return" but just wanted to let you all know that I'm waisted. Heh. Waisted. Mary just dropped me off and I am 21 years old so who the fuck cares how drunk i am in my houese!!!?? Not my dog, he said hello.

Aoooooooooooooooo Goootta druve lily in themorning, that shoildl be fun. I'm, typing like Dana types. Maybe dana is drunk all the time I DONKT KNOW!! silly dana. trix are not for the dana.

thanks to all who wished me a happity birthitday/bought me a shot (katies cousiN!?!?)! Love all you all and I cant wait for ppl to come on saturday. Even if you dont come, know that I am in lurve with you to begin with so you being alivemakes me a happy camper.

IUts only 11:43. hope no one thinks im lame!~ ill be this dr4unk on saturday when i dont have to do anything in the morning.

got champagne and antique champagne glasses from my aunt kate, plus nice things of monetary value from grtandma and grandpa and i am very glad.

katie bought me a drink and mary drive me. they are the best girsl a girl coukd have, yknow? what???? pedro got me food that made me almost poo in the car. man, without sparkle motioon and boys i would be a pathetic nerd.

k bye!

you are the second person i've known to type "drunk" with a 4.

it's the little things.....the little things.

I love you so.

"The Neverending Adventures of Angela's Turkey Hand."

Oh archived posts.. I love it.

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