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I'm home, finally. Not too happy to be here. The more and more I live away from home the more and more I don't miss it. Not that I hate my parents or sister or doggy (no way I don't hate my doggy), cuz I don't. I just like to live with, oh I dunno, a sense of independence.

Plus, I hate unpacking all my shit and putting it into a room that even Ghandi would be dismayed to stay in. Smaller than a postage stamp that room is!

So I'm going to be interning and that's pretty sweet. And I'm going to be making some money and that's pretty sweet, too. And then I hopefully can start renovating my OLD bedroom that's been "in the works" for about 4 years now. And those are my goals. Get class credit, get money, get a new bedroom.

Hm yknow what I just realized? I probably have to pay for my summer internship course. Which is crap because it's online. Hm. Fuck.

Love, Angela