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Hahahaha...hi guys. After almost a 3 year hiatus on my original blog...I have returned. You see, my latest blog, http://rhoswhen.diary-x.com, may have just bitten the dust. Go ahead. See for yourself.

That's why I'm back. With a vengence.

I'm seriously the blog jumper-backer-forther. I started out here at Blogger, moved to Diary-X, checked out Xanga, had a Livejournal for about a day and now here I am! Mama, I've come home.

So...how are you all? I'm alright. It's 4:42pm and I'm about to head off to work very shortly. I've planned out my schedule for next quarter and I think it'll be less hectic because I'll be working one day less at the Bean.

Jeeze I really hope I didn't lose all that stuff on Diary-X. That'd be sad.

I'm gonna go play Zuma now.

Love, Angela