Tuesday, July 29, 2003

ladies and gentlemen...

i hearby retire this blog. it has proven itself useful, however, in moment of anger and boredom, i fucked it up real bad. therefore, i have decided to start a new diary, located at http://rhoswhen.diary-x.com. so long, suckers.




look at what i get for wantin to shake things up.

Monday, July 28, 2003

talk about scary. i have to design a poster all by myself for family night. holy frickin crap. i dont even know how i got the assignment or why i did. ergh! im afraid.

in other news, bob has finally bobbed! AT LAST! its been forever, oh ive missed you mr. bob. not really. ive just been waiting for bob cuz well, its been like a month and a half. mmm...here come the molars.

ive slept a lot lately and it feels good. lets see...at least 21 hours starting from 1:30 am yesterday morning and going on to 7:45 am today, with intervals of consciousness. mmm...here come the cantonese noodles.

for all the hourse ive slept i cant remember a single dream, which sucks, cuz im sure i had some good ones. on the train today, i was remembering how i figured out my thought patterns during the school day. it went something like: sex, food, sex, food, etc. now its mostly just sex, food, sex, sex, sex, food, sex, sleep, what's goin on tonight, sex, sex, sex, sex, food, sleep, sleep, sex.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

it will be the happiest day of my life when i get a dorm.

yeah yeah yeah. wow this format is different. its just like the one at work. okay enough of my subconcious invading my typing....

I HAVE A COMMENT SECTION! hehe. it took me a while but i got the colors to what i wanted. at least. a bit.

last night was a ton of fun, even if i couldnt stay. nothing says "X-TREME" like a jump-n-fun, pinata, girls making out, losing my shoes, and lots and lots of sweat. speaking of, i gotta call katie and ask her if she took my shoes. i hope she did, cuz i have hers. i think theyre hers.

im exhausted today. but its a good exhaustion. hmm. doo ba doo. im not sure what else i can write. the other day i had an urge to write in my paper journal, but there was just so much stuff going on that itd be hard to write in. see, i always do that. i buy a journal and intend to write in it, but then i dont. so people, dont buy me journals.

well i think im gonna end this jimmy and go do my nails. adios my fellow shamericans.