Friday, July 25, 2003

adding comment sections blows.

i dont know why im so tired. i went to bed an hour ear;ier than i usually do and now im just frickin dead. soooo tired. im yawning yawnstop, my eyes are so heavy (and dry) and i have no energy. stupid bastards.

i really wanna watch donnie darko again. wow, that was a good movie. im listening to "mad world" which i guess you could say is the theme for the movie. its so good. god i love it. i was thinking about the movie the other day. i wanna watch it again! lets watch it tonight, guys.

hm. what else can i talk about. um, battlestar scralatchtica is a good song. word. my nose is stuffy. today theres a bake sale at work (just like at school! aw i miss those days). i only have a dollar. maybe thats a good thing. BING.

because m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-music was so much c-c-lass.

i still wanna know who was writin smack about me in marys blog. *shakes fist*

Thursday, July 24, 2003

no dice on the drawing. not really inspired now. oh well.

hey jude. i mean guys.

ive got a tum tum ache. i ate too much starch i think today. or too much heavy food. oh well.

we have to design these cd covers for work and its kinda boring work. the music is cajun/zydeco/blues/jazz/creole. im drawing chili peppers playing musical instruments. maybe ill work on that now.

Name: marzi (Homepage)
Country: illinois Date: Thu Jul 24 22:50:45 2003
Comment: dude, someones talkin smack about you in my guestbook.


Name: NOT a fan (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Jul 11 08:39:47 2003
Comment: i think angela papaleo is stupid. and so is her blog. i would write this in her guestbook, but she doesnt have one! mary is cool. seriously...thats some funny shit.

call me a dork, but i love jazz music. im not talkin about that smooth chuck maggione kenny g shit, no man. big band music! stuff from the 30s and 40s. i blame it on my grandpa.

my eyes are frickin dry! underneath em theyre all dry and flakey. like pie crust. EW man i take it back. wait why dont i just delete what i wrote and stuff instead of leaving it for you, the reader, to see? not sure. but oh well.

sometimes annie grosses me out. i JUST might do it for...well not for grandpa, but for annie. grandpa annie.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

How is your summer going? Let's-a find out, shall we?! [okee!]

Name: pick one, any one.
Do you have a job this summer? yes ma'am...sir...i like it very much.
Did you go on vacation? noo....BUT I CAN'T WAIT FOR IRISH FEST! OH MAN! EEE!
Because it is summer, what time do you go to bed? eh, round 2 am.
What time do you wake up? usually 7.45 am but today i got up at 8.30 cuz i showered at night. i think im gonna do that from now on.
Do watch any daytime talk shows or soap operas? nah. i did when i didnt have a job, like, fresh/soph year
Do you have a pool? i have dana's pool--> uh huh. thanks dana.
Does your pool have a deck? yes her's does
Go to any concerts? lollapaloOOOOOOOOOOZA! frickin incubus, motherfuckin AWESOME NEW STUFF hooo.
Do you like any new bands? eh? maybe.
Do you still think Christina Aguilera is a whore? eh. i dont care. shes nasty.
Do you think Britney spears is a skanky slut? shes a phoney, thats what.
Who have you been hanging out with this summer? in no particular order: mary, dana, anne, annie, neil, erin, seana, katie, steve, brad, dan, jason, and etc. for the boys
What do you do for fun in the summer? im usually up for anything.
Do you have Air conditioning? nope
Do you have a car? yeah i use my parents jeep
Does your car have air conditioning? yeah but i dont like it
Did you find a new crush? not really.
Did you break up with your boyfriend? nope
Did your boyfriend break up with you? nope
If you don’t apply to any of those, how long have you and your boyfriend been going out? sure how to answer that haha
Have you gone to any party’s? couple graduation parties, but everynite is an unofficial party!-->oh baby yeah!
Are you going away to college? yeah. well im in the same city but sure why not.
When do you leave? not sure when. aug 30 is move in day but i dont have a dorm just yet sooo...whenever
What's your major? art with an emphasis on media arts
Are you dorming? i better be
Do you know your roomate? not yet in existance
Do you know someone going to U of I? psh yeah.
What is your school mascot? depaul blue demons!
Is your foot asleep? nope
What time is it? 11 am
Are you bored yet? nah not so much
Any thing else you would like to say? i have to poop.

my undereyes are dry. its annoying.

hello everyone. guess what i had for breakfast today! well...for second breakfast. guess. no really! alright i'll tell you. I HAD A PINK FROSTED DONUT FROM DUNKIN DONUTS! i love those things. i havent had em since i was little. mmm. good times. i used to just eat the frosting off of em. not exactly nutritious, but neither is a donut on the whole.

on the whole.


soooooo tired. im thinking of doing yoga in the mornings to wake myself up. i cant seem to get rid of that heavy feeling when i wake up. but this cds workin pretty well. you'll never guess what it is either. thats right my friends, im listening to rusted root, or however it's spelled. good times with this cd. reminds me, i should call lindsey tonight and tell her to go to ashburys.

im wearing a hat! go me! now i feel like dana, i have it cocked to one side. id like one of these hats, but theyre really not me and id just be copying off dana. dana can pull em off real well. i just...well i just look stupid. mmm coffee and donut burp.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

afternoon, ladies, gents, piglets.

another day here, another day tired. honestly, i havent been this tired since school. its crap i tell ya. im just waiting for my new assignment from my boss and i guess not everyone has finished so he doest want to start anything new until we've all done something. im typing with my eyes closed now. its kinda funny. whoa i just looked at what i wrote and there arent any spelling errors. i have a new game now! i call it "IM GONNA TYPE WITH MY EYES CLOSED and turn up my music so i dont lisen to rap!"

hmm what should i write about? i hopnestly have nothing to say. i made a new friend today while i was waiting for annie to come to the bench. am i dong a good job with my eyes shut? im having too much fun! oh man im so frickin tired. anyways my new friends name is crow. i think thats what he said. i didnt want to ask him to have to repeat it because i always tend to do that and feel like an ass when i say "what?" 3 or 4 times. so his name is crow to me. someone called him "kelly" too. so i dunno. maybe ill call him crowly. man thats kind of a cool name...what? i dunno. but hes cool. he was home schooled instead of going to high school. he also told me that the girl always walks on the left of the guy if you're going against traffic in case a car would come up on the sidewalk. if that happened, the guy would get hit and not the girl. makes sense, i guess, but in all probability, the girl would get hit too. of course her injuries would be less, i think, am i talking about.

i just thought someone shouted but it was my music. sooooooooo tired. its only 1.15. 2 hrs and 15 minutes left. thats not so bad. i think im gonna go draw. adios.

Monday, July 21, 2003

another day, another good stuff done. i finished my last post card and it only took me and a half hours? yeah thats right. all i did was put the text in it and it took 3 frickin hours. my final copy was good, but my boss re-did it to make it more readable. that was another half an hour. so all in all...about 3 and a half hours. so i can do this job well, it just takes a while. i was very please though because my boss said he really liked my post card. it was "beautiful and poetic."

man im the shit. i can make pretty post cards like no other! watch out, world!

annie said i should add a deer into the picture. shes right, it seems like it could fit perfectly. i might when i get home. the picture is kinda elvish (wheres lindsey when i need her?). well i have about one minute left before its time to sign out and eat my bacon-tasting soy crisps, so ill sign off for now.

byebye everypeoples!

morning everyone! whoa that was too chipper. it even sounded real perky in writing. here lemme try it again.


ah thats a lil more my pace. so how is everyone? good i hope. here i sit yet again, monday morning, at work. i love these computers here so much. i never thought i would say that about apples. *shakes head* but honestly, theyre so classy lookin and nicely color-coordinated, unlike my one at home. you can totally tell its a guys computer. the backgrounds are so ugly and the menu bar color doesnt quite match anything. i try changing it to make things nicer and more pleasant to look at, but my dad just changes it back around and then its like a color blind polish person randomly clicked buttons.


i bought these lil soy crisps today when i was on my second trip to walgreens. they kinda taste like bacon. theyre good tho, i reccomend them to anyone who tastes like bacon. anne, mary, i dunno if you will.

hmm well. i have 10 minutes before i have to start actual work. if you call it work. i call it tons-o-fun. honestly, its so cool. i think i could do this for a living. im sure its far more fast-paced and grueling and stressful, but i think thats what would make it exciting.

ah well. im done. adios for now.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

well hello there. yknow i had something interesting to talk about, but i just lost it when i sat down. hmm...wait oh yeah.

i was watching Mystery! on PBS just now (don't make fun, i used to love that show when i was like, 11. i blame it on my auntie kate.) and it was this story where this gypsy woman in a circus is murdered. turns out it was her estranged husband killed her because he was afraid that she would take their two sons away from him when they left the town to go on their way. i hope i didnt ruin the ending for anyone. but i digress. so at the end of the show when everything is wrapped up, the two sons get to join the circus anyways since they're the dead woman's sons. now my first thing to say is thats a sad twist of irony; my second thing to say is HOW FRICKIN COOL! man, i wanna join a travelling gypsy circus! i think i'd do great. i could be the fat chick (though i must admit, i'd have to keep workin at it) or i could stand there as they throw knives. but id prolly do poorly cuz well, i tend to flinch at everything. i blame that as well on my auntie kate.

argh. the humidity really messes up my sinuses. or is it sini? it's sinuses. yeah man, its hard to breathe today. and my hair is limp and lifeless, but i blame that on my shampoo. its good stuff, yknow, clarifying, but you should really only use that stuff once a month or when necessary. but i bought some new stuff at walgreens today so all is well.

whoa my mom walked into the kitchen and i totally thought someone was breaking into the house.

last night i was having one of those action-packed dreams, and in the middle of it, someone knocks on my door and hands me a little doll house. i open it up, and it tells me i got housing at depaul and my roomates name is missy. i talked to her on the phone and shes nice. oh no i gotta poop.

ok so i was listening to the radio in the bathroom and this interviewer was talking to some actor, and he says "now, ive mangled a quote of yours over the past few years and i just wanna make sure that its accurate and that you said it..." and i thought "what if the guy goes 'man i don't remember saying that.' then id laugh pretty hard." but seriously, what if someone quoted you on something and you totally dont remember saying it? and what if its a wonderful quote? what if its like...well i cant think of anything nice to say but dude, man, thatd be hilarious if you were like "uhh...yeah...i said"

i like these days where i stay at home and do nothing. and why does my sister want tape at 10:15 at night? she has two cotton balls and wants to tape them to her pillow. or at least thats what i gather from her mumblings when i ask her what shes up to. anyways. i like these days where i stay at home and do nothing, because i actually catch up on my personal hygiene. for instance, i did my nails, toe nails, tweezed, shaved, moisturized, facial stuff, and whitened my teeth. sometimes, i like being a girl cuz it gives me an excuse to use the bathroom for a long time. *contented sigh*

tomorrow i have to go to work and im looking forward to it because Michael, my boss, said he liked one of my designs, which is great cuz i really like it too. i dont think itll get picked because it might be close to annies in classy-ness, but thats just my opinion. and i dont think ill be going for lunch either. i gotta lose weight. and oh man...oh jesus. i clicked on this link in monica/angee's profile and i thought i lost all my stuff but i DIDNT!

meh. i think this is enough for now. ill prolly do some later. adios.