Friday, July 11, 2003

whoa the cheat. cant sneak up on a brother like that.

how are you all? im doin alright. thats good thats good. today at work we're gonna start playing with photoshop. man this is a job id like to have: workin and playin around on computers all day. i love this kinda stuff! to me, its a ton of fun and its awesome to be able to use the latest equipment and software. of course, within a week i'll hate it all because thats just the way i am.

anyone want some bread? i have some right now. that and a lil mini strawberry gatorade. tasty good times good times yes yes. jeeze this blog is useless.

last night seana came home! i was so happy to see her that i fell into her arms (quite literally). she brought back a hunk of grass for us all to share. we were all so amazed that it smelled minty and fresh, but then we realized that it contained a hunk of minty gum. we're really observant. mhmm. then what else happened...we we sat around like the good ol days...which were 11 days i guess i cant call them the "good ol days" because it wasnt too long ago that she left. so i retract my previous statement and replace it with "we sat around some more and farted and everything was a good time." dont ask about that pikachu cake though. man that was funky lookin. but oh so good. especially the neck.

then what else...not a whole lot. im not letting myself eat anything (save for that bread and gatorade) because im going to dinner tonight at this bohemian restaurant and ive consumed far to much shitty food within the past week. i do that a lot. ill eat healthy for days at a time and then all of a sudden im like "mmm...i want some salty lard!" and ill eat my weight in fried, greasy foods. i blame it on my parents. no really, i do! we just don't eat healthy at my house. thats why im excited for school as well: NOTHING BUT VEGGIES FOR MONTHS AT A TIME! well maybe not really. but jeeze, i gotta lay off the grease.

and what else. nothing. i think ive wasted your, the reader's, time enough, so i'll let you go. adios.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

hold me.


hi there everyone. thanks for reading me today. i would like to formally announce that i ripped some mean ass and will consequently die from inhalation. i would just like to say "i love you" to certain people, and "i never liked you anyway" to most people. rock on!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

annie tells me i skipped july 3rd and 4th in my blog entries. i was like "so?" but the truth of the matter is that i totally forgot to mention how i totally got naked in my friends pool and jumped off the roof naked into the pool.

im a moron.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

well what the hell. i wrote all this good stuff in my blog, and i opened a new link, and it said "well do you want to lose everything you just wrote? i'll save it for you!" and i said "cool, okay" and i clicked "ok" and now when i go back to it, it seems i cannae find it all. so here we go.

i went to orientation and im really quite happy with my choice in school. i think itll be a good place to go, however i sincerely hope i find some decent, straight-edge people to hang out with because...well...*sigh.* i just dont do that stuff. orientation was alright. nothing really spectacular. the most exciting part was getting my schedule done. here it is in case anyone cares. i know you all do.

9:40-10:40-- English Composition/Rhetoric 103
10:50-11:50-- Some sort of math...
1:10-2:10-- Philosophy

1:10-3:40--Crappy ass "Discover Chicago" thing

Same as monday


Same as monday

well. thats all for now, folks. i have nothing more to say and even less energy to type it all out.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

i havent updated in a long here's the jist of it all.