Friday, June 20, 2003

You are a Hippie. Wow.

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

so seana said something really funny tuesday night. we were watching a commercial for paper towels, and they showed the split screen with the one paper towel holding up a bowling ball, and the other paper towel ripping and a bowling ball falling. seana goes "i dont care if my paper towel cant hold a bowling ball, its a paper towel! you cant expect it to do things like that! i wouldnt be upset if it couldnt hold one, i wouldnt be dissapointed!"

ha. yeah. she said it funnier, im sure, but oh man, i was crackin up. it was a total mitch hedburg moment.

anyways, how are you all? im alright. gotta go to work in a few minutes. my jobs pretty easy, i gotta admit; teaching little kids to swim. but ohhh man its gonna be so cold in the pool! its already pretty cold outside, and im sure the air temperature is the same as the water temperature, perhaps colder. i always feel bad for my one student, abby. shes 7, has asthma and is incredibly skinny and tiny, so when she cant breathe, she hops out and sits on the side to catche her breath, and by the time she has she doesnt wanna get back in the water cuz shes cold. but shes cute and sweet and her laugh is infectious, so i'll just keep her for a pet.

well i think i'll head out and ill definately write some more cuz...i need to. 8 days!

Monday, June 16, 2003

hm, its been a while i suppose. 11 days to my birthday! im not really even that excited about it, i just like countdowns in bold. today is my first day of work and already i dont even want to go to work. but i work for 2 hours. so what the hell is my problem? ill tell you what it is...i think i just get nervous and scared when i go into something new. but ill get used to it, so its okay. plus im working with katie, so ill know someone. mmm...non-aspirin and orange juice.

i suppose i could make this post really long since i havent updated in forever but i really dont have much to say, im sorry. yesterday was fathers day and i saw my aunt holly. she liked my hair. one family member who likes it! she also works at bj mcmahons on 95th street in oak lawn, and she said they need cocktail waitresses, so shes gonna try and get her boss to hire me and gina. thatd be cool. i hear they get a lot of money, but id be working nights, and i dont really wanna work nights. i mean, i guess working a couple of nights is okay, but hopefully not every night. then i wouldnt know what to do. make real good money or not hang out with my friends? we'll see.

it was always you and me always, ah forever! ba, ba ba, ba ba! i like that song.