Thursday, May 29, 2003


wow i just took a quiz by the biggest loser. look.

d0rky girl wiv braces n freckles
Yes! You are d0rky enough for me! I think we could
hit it off, even if you don't have braces AND
freckles etc....send me a message on quizilla
now please :-) or visit

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meh. i shouldnt talk at all. back to more quizzes!

You are StrongBad. You hate everyone, especially
HomeStar. Your e-mails and prank calls are
hilarious. You're my favorite character. You
try to be evil, but sorry, being shirtless with
boxing gloves just isn't scary. Don't worry
what everone else thinks because hey, they are
all "crap for brains".

What HomeStarRunner Character are you? (pictures)
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i didnt shower before i went to bed. will i shower now? probably not. although a good teeth brushing is in order. too many onions at subway.

things i enjoy doing:
-sitting here
-poking people

things i wish i could do:
-sell my eggs

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

hello my sexies. yesterday was exactly one month to my birthday--now there are 30 days. oh boy. oh yeah and my party is June 28th at my house, if anyone wants to come. im sure you all do. its a "birthuation celebration," which means its a birthday and a graduation party mooshed together.

lately when ive been gettin up, ive been achey. i think its cuz of all the sleep ive been getting, quite frankly. lots and lots of sleep, oh its wonderful! usually its only about 8 or 9 hours, but going from 5 to 6 hours during the school year, well, thats a leap.

hm. i really dont have a lot to write about, im sorry. yesterday, katie and i went back to school for a pizza party in our webdesign class. we felt dirty walking into that place. we felt there were going to be people saying "what are you doing here, you LOSERS?" and if someone did say that, well, we came back for free food. duh. thats enough to bring anyone back. it was weird though, walking into school and not noticing anyone i knew.

man oh man im a boring person! look at this! theres nothing good to write about. ive done lost my muse. i havent even been writing in my paper journal like i said i would. poor paper journal. its so pretty.

Sunday, May 25, 2003


I HAVE LITTLE RACOON DECALS ON MY BOOTIES. the funny thing is that these booties, when i got them when i was 9, came up to my knees. now they barely make it to half my shin. theyre oh so comfy though. i never wore them cuz they were ugly, and still are, but ive looked past their funkyness to their inner, fuzzy side and i love them for dedicating their existance to my comfort.

how are you all? well, i hope. yesterday at graduation i got two things: a diploma and a sunburn.

and did i mention i love my digi cam?