Friday, May 23, 2003

yeah. so ive figured that since school is over, i have nothing to write about anymore. and yes mary--we need hobbies to keep our minds at a PG level.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

in conclusion

i really had a good time at mcauley. i just dont understand how some of my friends can say that they hate it and its awful. how is it so bad? the only way i can see someone getting offended by the school is through a theology class, and yeah i have to admit that sometimes our theology teachers (and most other teachers) are very opinionated with the whole religion thing. but its a catholic school for chrissake, you cant go to a catholic school and not feel inundated with pro-catholic/jesus messages. the trick is to believe what you want.

now i dont mean to get all sentimental and shmaltzy and what not but yknow...i really learned a hell of a lot. mostly about myself and the way i interact with people. but i also learned that i am who i am and heres a cliche, no one can stop me but myself. i am the only person who limits myself. and i have a right to speak my mind and do whatever the hell i want because if it doesnt hurt anyone (including myself) then whats the harm. thats the wiccan rede. "an' it harm none, do as ye will." thats a good way to live by, i figure. if someone wants to debate me on that, by all means tell me cuz i dont see any harm in that way of life.

lets see what else... there are some that im sad that i wont see all the time. you know who you are. and there are some that im glad i wont be seeing. they know who they are.

oh la la la what else.

i cant believe its almost here, i really cant! i want it to be OVER already! sheesh! im so anxious to get on with it. on with it i say!

tuesday, katie and i are going back to web design for a pizza party, hehehe! we're losers but i really liked that class. ms. laird is cool.

and im spent.

damn you scuba steve! this is the biggest pain in my ass. my blog is being absolute SHIT LATELY ...grr. *hiss*

huargh. i cant wait for graduation to be over. then everyone will be able to relaaaaaaaax. specially my mom. she worked her ass off to finish my dress and it looks great. it really is so pretty. huge, but pretty.

i dont really have much to say other than i have ill fitting pants, my feet are cold, i hate the demon of acne, and i cant eat food tomorrow. and i dont know where my guestbook went.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

quick facts--
--im tired
--i bought a baker's square mug today
--some little girl got hit by a car. shes ok though. but it scared me. i did the speed limit all the way home. now im afraid of little girls in pink sweatpants darting in front of my car.
--my knees hurt
--my feet hurt
--today was my last day
--hasnt sunk in yet
--if you know anything about the rules to have bonfires in forest preserves, let me know, ok?

Monday, May 19, 2003

huttah! i have 3 more presents to make. i think ill give em out on saturday tho. and i wont rest till ive given em all away! yar. today was an odd day. i walked into the dark room and i realized that id never go in there again. then it finally hit me that, hey, im done. im not goin back there again. im done with my classes. im gonna forget these people and no matter how much i say i wont, i will.

enough of that.

i hate bugs! god theyre so icky! have you ever seen one up close? theyre all hairy and shiny and venemous. if i ever got bitten by a radioactive spider and had spidermans powers, id be really angry that i got the weird, gross end of the super power spectrum. dont get me wrong, id be happy to climb walls and such, but dammit, id rather have wings or somethin cooler than *shudder* insect-like abilities.

and my theology teacher gave me a 90 on my mission statement. she didnt read clearly where it said "My Mission: To Be the Coolest Person in the World," and she writes on there "is this your mission statement?" well, um, it kinda says it RIGHT THERE IN BOLD AT THE TOP. but whatever, i fuckin hate that class, im SO glad its done. tomorrows the last fuckin day i gotta sit through it and see those irritating people again. that class was a waste of my life.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

today was such a nice relaxing day. i didnt do ANYTHING. well i was productive, i got most of my graduation presents made. they turned out pretty good. i never really get craftsy, so recipients of my gifts i heed you! you better like em. they're the best i can do. i really dont have much to say, except for how i wish i had more tests tomorrow instead of two. i know its a weird wish, but the tests are just SO EASY and its better than having to sit in class and do useless busywork and be tired and listen to annoying high-pitched voices swear like drunken sailors.

i really have nothing to write about. i think im gonna go make some more presents.

I LOVE TO DRIVE! today i went with katie to borders and i got lindsey her present--tarot cards. i think its a good gift. so after that we surprised dana at her house, much to her chagrin. so we drove to the ashbury because driving there is so much fun. the trees, the hills, the curves, the way the headlights send off a radiating glow before they reach the crest of the hill. its so fun. so we got to the ashbury, looked at it, and drove back down archer. then we got back onto 95th street going west, and kept driving for about half an hour. then we turned around and came back. i had a good time.