Saturday, April 19, 2003

ARGH! i wrote all this good stuff and i was ALMOST FUCKING DONE and then i hit the wrong FUCKING BUTTON and lost it all. ok so heres the jist of it all:

1) got a prom dress for 4 dollars: short black lace dress. real hot.
2) not goin to chucks prom: he has a girlfriend to take now (kate siriani, who i think is so adorable and she prolly doesnt know who i am but thats cool)
3) seana and anne are in appalaichia repairing homes: i will sorely miss them.
4) asked them not to get lost in the ozarks like in delieverance: they dont know where the ozarks are, neither do i, and thats why i told them not to get lost, otherwise i wouldnt be able to find them and save them.
5) screw this "bread of life" crap!: the lifegiver is CHOCOLATE. the priest should hand out hershey bars at communion time.
6) i love you, spartacus.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

first day of break and the weather is shitty. cold and rainy. but hey, im not in school. but if life followed my daydreams, then i'd be laying out in my backyard right now getting a tan.

life is life though. i cant keep retreating into stupid daydreams. i have to keep remembering that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

wee! i'm almost done with school! in one hour and 22 minutes i will be ON BREAK. hooray! we must play softball we must! erin might sleep over at my house on friday, yay! and wee! i bought my prom ticket! haurgh that's a big fat load off my shoulders. i wonder if chuck might know a guy that would like to go with katie. i'll ask him. i was worried though that they weren't goin to let my buy the ticket, and i'm pretty sure they weren't, but they musta thought "aw shes tall and has brown hair, lets give it to her!" and so they did. and today i got my picture retaken for my ID and what the crap, why do i look like i have a pear for a head? ask me to see the picture sometime, i'll show you what i must look like to someone slightly shorter than me who has a depth perception problem. and is color blind.

so whats the matter with sister wendy? nothing! shes cute and has an overbite! thats the way all old ladies should be. well not all of them. but if the world was full of sister wendy-like grammas, there would be no world hunger and we'd all be fantastic artists and scholars and phrase things delicately. for instance, we watched this episode where there was a page out of a calender from the gothic era that she was analyzing. there were 2 men and one woman seated indoors with their clothes hiked up warming their feet and what not. apparently back in the day, men didn't wear underpants because they hiked up their robe so much you could see their, and i quote "lack of underpants." uh-huh, thats right! sister wendy said "lack of underpants," and it was damn cute.

9 minutes! dkafjskldjflkajdkl! and theeeen ms. larid, our web design teacher, is bringing us a snack. she better not have forgotten. yknow why i like ms larid? when she says shes crabby, you cant really tell. she always seems normal to me, yknow, really nice and helpful and patient. man i bet shes gonna see this link on my website and read this and think im buttering her up for an A but its really not like that at all! i swear! shes totally cool. i highly reccommend taking this class to those of whom are able to take it.

yknow whos full of it? jackson pollock. DUDE HE BOTHERS ME! he's not an artist! i dont care what anyone says, dude, I can splatter paint on paper. i just...ergh! its not right! damn, it's just not right. but the more and more i think about it, the more and more im grateful im in AP art history rather than in this class im sitting in right now with a buncha morons. yes, im mean.

and i think the grape tomatoes i ate yesterday night were grown by wiccans. ysee, the sticker on the box said "Lady Moon Farms" and there was a silhouette of a lady kneeling to a crescent moon with her arm outstretched. its really quite pretty, i think ill scan it and manipulate it and change the colors. i wasnt too keen on the colors. blue and yellow. meh. not that hot. im more of a fan of...well i dont have any favorite colors.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

unnofficial favorite song list
'rain song'--led zeppelin
'pink moon'--nick drake
'northern sky'--nick drake
'the shining'--badly drawn boy
'bohemian rhapsodey'--queen
'brown eyed girl'--van morrison (which, by the way, is about me)
'the scientist'--coldplay
'blue sun'--darling violetta (god what i wouldnt do for one of their cds)
'you're just too good to be true'--the four seasons
'just like a prayer'--madonna
[i coulda sworn there were more songs to this list...anyways.]
'blister in the sun'--the violent femmes
'mad world'--gary jules (from the movie 'donnie darko.' i wanna seeeeee iiiiiiit)

yes! i finished my website! here's the address:
use it wisely. well i gotta admit i havent published it yet. yeah thats right, the site isnt on the internet but ITS DONE! i did it all and it rocks. lots of pictures--not enough though. if i get photoshop and a digital camera and all that good stuff then i will definately be updating it over the summer.

ha. so how are you all? im cool. im tired. today we had the senior supergroup picture and let me just say...its not pretty. theres going to be me trying to smile and look at the camera at the same time so that ill end up looking like this. every time the wind blew when we were up on the stands, you would see this sea of red, brown and yellow hair flap through the air, then immediately hundreds of hands and arms went flying to remedy the mess. it was like watching something on a nature special, for some reason.

my god am i tired. tomorrow is our last day right before break and i cant stress to you how excited i am. today i was talking to this girl, denise, in homeroom and she was saying how shes so happy theres not that much school left. i am too, but i wish there was some more time so i could BRING MY GRADES UP. i dont know what any of my grades are. i can only assume the worst, though. lets see...gym and theology, passing. photo, passing. english--well, i do have a 65% but thats better than the 35% i had for a while. then history--i guess im passing. french--no way in hell do i have better than a D. art history--C worthy. i just can't believe i have these grades. i know i brought it all on myself, and i accept that and realize i must do better. so from here on i shall not complain any more about my grades and how much of a bum/slacker i am and i will squeeze whatever gumption i have inside of me to finish off the year on the A honor roll.


Sunday, April 13, 2003

is it just me or is don-don fuckin awesome?

ok, if i live in a dorm with dana, i'm screwed. the girl eats her weight on food at lunchtime and is STILL a twig! i kid you people not! a twig! so naturally, if i live with her, i'll see her eating and think to myself "what a wonderful wooooooorld...OH i mean damn, i'm hungry too!" and eat with her. and then i'll get FAT. so the only way to NOT gain weight with this girl is if i eat vegetables only during school. i'm going to go pseudo-vegitarian. lots of vegetables and meat only once a day. i usually only eat meat once a day as is, but yknow.

and i can gaurantee you that i will adhere to any of this ^^