Saturday, April 12, 2003

wee i'm awake. i woke up this morning and i remembered all the funny shit that happened last night. lets see, where'd it happen. right.

so me and annie were in my car goin to mary's house to pick her and dana up. i was tellin annie about this dream i had where i was chasing a kiwi bird all around and ms. z (my theology teacher from last year) loaned me her 70's muscle car to catch the bird. susan recchia and my 3 friends from grade school who were in the car with me didnt seem too upset either when the car started to fall apart and i pulled the steering wheel off. never did get the kiwi bird. tsk. shame.
so we got to mary's house and they get in the car and theyre like "dude did you see that group of kids?"
"oh well there was this huge herd of 8th graders walkin in the street so i [mary] sped up to them, then slowed down right before i got close to them and layed on the horn and kinda curved into them! they were all like 'ehhn loooooser!' haha it was funny."
so we all had a jolly laugh about that, and then when we started goin the herd of 8th graders was right there, so i honked and dana sticks her head out the window and in the most insane voice ever screams "AHHH MOTHAFUCKA!" at the top of her lungs. oh maaaan that was damn funny.
so we get to the stop sign at 107th and central park and i put it in park so i could switch shoes with dana. she had boots and i had my black high tops, and i felt weird wearing them with my skirt (dunno why, i usually wear em with that). there were these 3 8th graders walkin on the corner, and jokingly dana goes "mary go dance with them!" so mary goes "alright turn it [the radio] up!" so she flies outta the car (and pelase keep in mind shes still wearing this hot pink and orange go-go dancer ensemble from the play that makes her look so special) and runs up to em and goes "WEEEOOOOWEEOOO!" and flies back into the car. ohhh man that was good too.

*contented sigh* man, if i didn't have these people...i'd...i'd be worthless.

hi. howsit goin? things are fine here. today was the second day of one acts for everyone involved. last night was chuck's play, i woulda went, alas i had to go to lover's lane. heh heh heh. but dana's play was tonight in which mary and chuck were go go dancers...hahahaha it was a good play. very funny! i liked it a lot. anne was also in a play, that was good too. she and mike faygan..fagan...however its spelt, did a good job. and angie bataglia's play was also really good, chirskira was in that. she's got rhythm!

tomorrow's the one act i'm in. owen, who plays ralph, doesnt know his lines. katie, who is the mother, is sick. jo ann, who is angela--the lead--hurt her ankle. i'm a lil iffy on the lines, so i'm waking up and LEARNING MY LINES. i know them alright but i can be more comfortable with them, and that's what i'm going for. i mean hey, can never learn too much, right? carrie and dave, who play the sister and the priest (respectively)...well...i dunno if they're having problems as well BUT y'never know. i wanted everyone to bring in like 4 or 5 bucks and buy nicole a porno for being a good director, but that fell through. i'm sure i could get all the girls to do it, but i want it to be from everyone and the guys are kinda elusive SO i guess i'll just get her flowers and tell her that shes fuckin awesome, cuz she is.

hhh. i'm tired. i think ill go to bed now. gotta get up and goin on my lines! night everyone.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

so today lindsey says to me, "i ate too many cookies...way to many cookies." and i said "hey, at least you didnt eat a piece of cake that fell on the ground outside." thats right folks.

i was walking out of french class holding my books and two plates, each with a piece of cake on them. keeley offered to take the plate with the biggest piece so i gave it to her, and she offered to take the other plate but i said, "no! this ones mine." (thats what i get for gluttony/greed, eh?) so i'm walkin with sandy to the doors and then out of nowhere WABAM! this girl bumps into me, the cake goes flying, i grab for it with my free hand and end up getting a handful of icing instead. the cake lands and i'm just looking at it like "after i tried so hard..." so i turn to the chick who bumped into me, and its actually 2 seniors that i know kinda, and theyre nice and cute and they were like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and im like "its...o...kay..." trying not to be mad. so i was gonna leave it there, but colleen mixan was like "oh dont be such a baby, angela, just take it and eat it!" and i was like "okay doo da doo da doo." so i ate it in my next class.

i'm awful.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

phwa! things are better with the play. not as frightening. just memorizing for me. i think things will be ok. my shoulder is acting up again. and i really don't know why. i think tonight i'm gonna try and sleep for once. i really don't have a lot of homework to do, other than read the whole of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" for english by friday cuz that's when our test is, but fuggit. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

ha so here's something funny. i made my website. i finished it THIS MORNING. done! finished! and i lost the disk i was keeping it on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

man yesterday's dress rehearsal was bad. i'm not even gonna lie. i didn't know ANY of my lines and yet when i run through em in my head now, i'm totally fine. this does not look good for homestar runner. i mean angela papaleo. GRR! why can't i just be relaxed and not choke? i swear...hurgh. maybe this play will officially give me an outlook on my life. maybe acting's not for me. i just need reality to come and smack me in the back of my head. well i should go to school now. peace.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Nire196: my dog just farted the worst thing I have ever smelt ever
Nire196: ever ever ever ::echo::

Sunday, April 06, 2003

...i can't believe how awesome i am! i cant believe how awesome i aaaaaaaaam! its drue. i love homestar and strong bad. and HOMSAR.


CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: hi, i just thought i'd IM you and tell you how funny you are
DaneCookcom: thankss
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: you're welcome

please, read on...

CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: hi, i just thought i'd IM you and tell you how funny you are
DaneCookcom: thankss
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: you're welcome
brisk1333: Who's that?
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: dane cook!
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: the comedian!
brisk1333: Oooooookay. Yeah. *nods*
brisk1333: Are you having a convo?
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: no thats about it
brisk1333: That's sad. That bitch!
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: well i have nothing more to say
brisk1333: Just be like, "You got me pregnant" and see what he says.

ps--every time i look at myself...

hm. the last post i just made, the one where i sing about me saving the day, doesn't appear on my little preview thing. therefore no edit function for me, so here i go posting anyways.

I MISSED THE VERY LAST CLOSING! im a little sad about it. i would have liked to have gone, but we were going out for my grandma's 86th birthday (cant be missed, shes gettin on in her days, dont wanna miss those, and what with gracie losing her gramma it puts things in perspective for me) and my aunts birthday (who used to live with me and can easily be given the title of "second favorite relative," number one is gina. jesus...?). but theres a big honkin day 4 sometime, sooooooooo i'll be going to that! unless theres other crap that must be attended to. grr.

the one act i'm in is coming along alright. im still a lil shakey on my lines, however theres nothing a little memorization cant handle. and im not going to school tomorrow. BUT I WANT TO! i really would like to, itd be cool cuz i'd be one of the few and it be nice and peaceful BUT we're all buying LOLLAPALOOZA TICKETS and going for breaklyfast and i want to work on my costume for one acts. i think its cool how im failing a lot of my classes. a lot. namely french.

and the more and more i see triptych, the more and more i realize how good they are. and i say that not cuz nick and brian are friends, and not cuz everyone else likes them, and not cuz seana's my friend and that's her boy up there, but cuz they are good.

and one more thing that i realized and it FREAKS ME OUT. they come in pairs: 2 with 3 letters, single one with 3 letters, 2 with 4 letters, 2 with 5 letters, and then after this phase is over there might be a single one with 4 letters.
meghan knows of what i speak. *taps nose*

(ba rum ba dum ba dum!)

don't know where the fuck that came from.

to my fellow lollapalooza-ers: mary, annie, dana, katie, erin, natalie and ray. not sure if the last 3 wanted to go, but im sure they did. anyways...i'm so sorry. my mom couldnt buy the tickets cuz we have no money. you know how that is. however, if you CAN have your parents get them, yknow, that's cool. look here! we'll have to talk about it tomorrow you guys. this message is prolly useless cuz ill see you all (or most of you) tomorrow. hm meghan's right--we can buy em all seperate and then sit together on the lawn. that was the plan, right? ok. ok. i think i'll be phonin peoples now.

ps--chi tung is beautiful.