Saturday, March 29, 2003

i want a new screen name. mary got a new one, and i been thinkin of gettin a new one, so here are the list of choices.

opal pea
longhairedleapingnome (too long so maybe...)
leapingnome (hm that made me think)
longbrownhair (too dorky, perchance? maybe.)
certainshadeofclear (too long again i think)
iwantashake (mary wanted that one, so this is ONLY if i cant think of any more. i prolly wont use it.)
pieworldforever (meh)

heh, im doing these anagrams to help me figure out a screen name, and using "angela cathleen papaleo" gives me "copenhagen." anyways. back to anagrams.

cellophane aegean (heh thats cute)
cellophane gap
challenge aloe
imaginary friend (i bet this is taken, however its cute, i think)
zippytheturtle (huh?)

i kinda like "cellophane." keep your computer tuned to this station for more updates!

Friday, March 28, 2003

today is d-day. well not really. that's in april i think, but it's MY d-day in that i gotta go back to school. thank god i have the weekend to do my homework. oh who am i kiddin i'm not gonna do it! eugh i don't feel good still. nothin like havin indegestion for no reason. no, wait, i definately had mozzerella sticks at 9.30 last night. it's my fault i'm a fat ass and don't feel good. i wonder when prom tickets go on sale. and damn my mom needs to get out of the bathroom so i can pee.

i have a confession to make.

i, angela papaleo, love kool-aid. its so good. its the sweet, sweet, artificial powder nectar of life and it evokes euphoric highs from huge levels of sugar (even though we make it with significantly less sugar than they call for) and memories of summer and childhood. and yes, i was always the one with the koolaid mustache. i actually tried to give myself one just the other day, but instead i kinda spilt it all over myself. and all over the floor. and the dog. ahh...just like the good ol days when i was four.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

new links, check em out!

work, dammit!

since meghan's my hero and i copy off her every chance i get...and cuz i'm procrastinating...

current dress: red, orange, beige nd pink striped pajama pants from victorias secret that feel like you're wearin nothin at all...nothin at all! NOTHIN AT ALL! oh and a white shirt with the old call letters for the mix.
current make-up: none
current mood: im alright. listening to my fave. song of the moment. however my back hurts and im waiting for the nurse to call.
current taste: uh, i just ate oreo o's with marshmallows that what you wanna know?
current hair: brown. natural. long.
current annoyance: not sure if i gotta go the THE doctor.
current smell: im kinda stuffy, so boogars?
current thing I ought to be doing: UGH! homework and memorizing my lines.
current desktop picture: ugh some stupid picture of trains. ysee, my dad put on this program where the desktop picture changes every 10 minutes (or something like that) and all the pictures are ugly.
current book: the picture of dorian grey. i love gothic novels.
current CD in stereo: led zeppelin: remasters
current dvd/video in player: prolly some dorky, old B movie my dad bought at walgreens
current color of toenails: kind of a mauve. its an old lady color.
current refreshment: none.
current worry: UGH! i dont wanna go to THE doctor. prom. who am i? where do i stand on the issues of iraq and america? what am i gonna do about the AP exams? damn i dont have my english homework...its a paper due tomorrow. crap.

are you ...
understanding? i try to be. and i'd like to think i am. personally, i think i see all sides of the spectrum, therefore i am wishy washy because i truly agree with everyone, but then again that's just how i view myself.
open-minded? yes, i'd like to think so. see above.
arrogant? um, probably.
insecure? uh, yeah.
interesting? i have many layers. like an onion.
hungry? nah i'm alright.
friendly? yeah i am.
smart? i am the master of useless trivia. sometimes.
moody? oh yes.
childish? oh yes.
independent? yeah i think so.
hard working? if something pisses me off, then yes. lets say i cant find a certain book in my room, which results in me having to clean my room, well then i clean like a demon.
healthy? oh jesus no.
emotionally stable? definately not. if you read my paper prolly wouldnt be my friend anymore.
shy? around hot guys, when im without my friends or people i know well, when im in trouble, around people that i want to impress.
attractive? i hope so. my friends say i'm hot. *shrug*
bored easily? during english, history, and french.
messy? meh. sometimes my room gets bad. but i usually like a little clutter.
thirsty? nah im alright
responsible? yes. i take responsibility for things that are my fault.
angry? HA. not SUPER angry, more like, anxious...anxious and miffed.
sad? not really
happy? sure
trusting? i gotta work on that.
ill? *sobs* i dont wanna go to THE doctor...and my back hurts.
talkative? definately depends on the amount of sugar ive had and the company.
original? ask someone else
different? "different" yes.
ignored? sometimes i feel like i am, but then i realize theres more people in this world than me and no one wants to hear me bitch everyday.
reliable? i hope so
content? content/happy are the same thing
optimistic? not so sure
deep thinker? i tend to think about a lot of things that can be deemed "deep"
sleepy? god yeah
lonely? not really

Today I...
[1] woke up
[2] used that facial stuff on my face
[3] listened/watched the presidents speech

Tomorrow I will...
[1] either go to school or to THE doctor
[2] breathe
[3] go to play practice

Five things that scare you: (in no particular order)
[1] insects of all kind
[2] trusting certain people but i force myself into trusting them anyways which is neither good nor bad
[3] myself
[4] heights
[5] THE doctor

Five things that make you laugh: (in no particular order)
[1] my friends, every single one of em. they're first and foremost, i dont care if its no particular order.
[2] the simpsons
[3] being tickled
[4] mitch hedberg
[5] SHIT i was gonna develop my film of lindsey today! damn thats a good roll...hahahahaha

Five things you love:
[1] my friends. you all make my life 100 times more interesting and worthwhile than it could ever be. i don't know how i landed spectacular people like you.
[2] my family.
[3] when daddy's hold their little kid's hand.
[4] hot, hot summers
[5] eye candy

Seven things you hate: (in no particular order)
[1] ignorance
[2] lying
[3] confusion
[4] being sick
[5] cold weather
[6] air conditioning
[7] throwing up

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

rhoswhen: yiddish is fuckin awesome.
Bmoosie76: i guess

Keeley: I think I'm going blind.
Me: That would suck if I went blind. I wouldn't be able to see a lot of things.
Sandy: Or anything at all...

Ms. Larid: Katie, you mispelled something on your banner.
Katie: Oh no! What?
Me: Ha I bet you put "POOPCORN!" HAHAHAHAHAsnort.
(Katie's banners are supposed to say "Popcorn.")

wow i guess i'm pretty liberal. hows that for not knowing what 'affirmative action' meant, eh? heh heh heh. no seriously, i didn't really know what it meant, but now i think i do. what was i gonna say...oh i dunno.

'rain song' by led zeppelin has got to be one of the best songs ever. so here is my...

unnofficial favorite song list
'rain song'--led zeppelin
'pink moon'--nick drake
'northern sky'--nick drake
'the shining'--badly drawn boy
'bohemian rhapsodey'--queen
'brown eyed girl'--van morrison (which, by the way, is about me)
'the scientist'--coldplay
'blue sun'--darling violetta (god what i wouldnt do for one of their cds)

and feh. i can't think anymore. check back here the day i die for a complete list. why the day before i die? well, thats day that i will have heard every single song that i was ever meant to hear in my life. see? it makes sense. halright. its gonna be halright.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Far-Left Liberal
Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla

i have 'glycerine' by bush in my head, and its weird cuz i dont know how the words go, over even most of the music, so i'm likemaking it up as i go. so its kinda like "glycerine, coulda been easier than you, glycerine, movie bean, (violin, cello, guitar) glycerine! glycerine!" so now i'll just listen to led zeppelin. mmm its good stuff. god i just ate cake...chocolate suicide cake...ho man. oh god, too much frosting...gettin queasy remembering it.

today was beautiful. i was so happy i got outside today! i walked around with lindsey takin pictures of her. i hope they turn out, theres gonna be some good ones. then we went to value city and i bought my parents their anniversary gift. it was/is today, and i totally forgot, too. im usually good at remembering it, but i guess i slipped up somewhere along the way. anyways, i was looking in housewares and then i saw it--the perfect gift. my friends, nothing says "i love you" like a neon blue catfish pillow. nothing.

so there i was, holding a neon blue catfish, and then i saw a nicer present, yknow, a nice red satiny pillow with fringe. so i got them that. and i got myself a pair of really cool sunglasses too. i tried to find replacements of the ones that got eaten by my dog: black rimmed with pink lenses. oh they looked so hot on me lol. so i got something like em, theyre cool. and then what else happened. not much.

just let me say that the weather was wonderful, and i love driving with my windows open. I LOVE IT! SO MUCH! IM SO HAPPY!!

biggest shocker of the evening: eminem won an oscar.
biggest let down of the evening: the film in katie's camera didnt load right
biggest laugh of the evening: uh...too many.
biggest sad time of the evening: milton berle died. :(
biggest realization: bob sponge dirty pants
biggest non-realization: what?
smallest animal seen: rabbit

Sunday, March 23, 2003

i heard this radio commercial on they said it's illegal to sell a car on sundays. is that true? thats interesting if it is true. i wonder why. phones ringing...1...2...let it ring...3...4...answering machine...auntie kate. haha shes funny. she once told me shes proud of me. she said ive come very far in life, considering my handicaps. *sigh* i really have nothign to write in here, but i got a lotta crap to write in my paper journal, so i think i'll go do that.

ALRIGHT! ok. no more pretend posts where i copy and paste lyrics to make it look like i write substantially long posts! ok well i'll do that from time to time. but seriously folks, there is nothing really going on in my life! ok no wait. no, no i definately have stuff, i take it all back.

today me and dana and my dad went to columbia for the open house, and alls i gotta say is "HOLY HOT MEN, BATMAN!" the place was crawling with them! everywhere! me and dana were comin down the stairs in this one building, and theres live piano playing, yknow, classical music. and we look at the pianist and GAH! guy a lil older than us, dark shaggy hair, white short-sleved blouse and tie, TATOOS EVERYWHERE! up his arms, on his neck...playing classical piano music. DEAR GOD. i nearly climbed on the piano and went "hey big boy," but then i remembered i was with my dad, and i'm shy around damn fine boys like that. then there was a guy talkin to us about the fine arts. bi-racial with a cute fro and WONDERFULLY SEXY english accent. MMMMgod why do you tease us like that? then, ha! forgot bout this one. we were all standin on the corner waiting for the shuttle (that never came, mind you) by this construction area where they're building a new dorm building. and im fixin my hair and puttin on lip stuff and i look up, and heres 2 construction workers smilin and winkin at me. and it wasnt really lewd or anything, it was like "hi, you're cute, tee hee" kinda attention. so i went "ah hee hee!" and hid behind my dad. my dad was like "what?" and im like "ah, nothin."

and then, have you seen 'chicago' yet? no? GO SEE IT! it's so, so, so so sososossoososososooooo cool! oh wait, you said you saw it? sorry, i was jumping to conclusions. yeah isnt it really good? yup.

and then what else is there? oh i finished wuthering heights, that was a good book. annnnnnd, what else. eep i gotta learn all my lines for the one act by thursday. oh sweet god of acting, bestow mercy upon my lazy ass and giveth unto me the power to memorize!

oh and go read mary's blog. *thumbs up at mary*