Saturday, March 08, 2003

rhoswhen: the momen i heard frau heard i had a clone
HopelessOnederer: huh?
rhoswhen: say i had a clone
rhoswhen: i knew that id be safe cuz id never be alone
rhoswhen: an evil doctor shouldnt speak a lot about his feelins
rhoswhen: his hurt and his pain dont make him to appealin
rhoswhen: id hope scott
rhoswhen: would look up to me
rhoswhen: run the business of the family
rhoswhen: have an evil empire
rhoswhen: just like his dear ol dad
rhoswhen: give him my love and the things i never had
rhoswhen: scott would think i was a cood guy
rhoswhen: return the love i have make me want to cry
rhoswhen: be evil
rhoswhen: but change my feelins too
rhoswhen: change my life with oprah
rhoswhen: and maya angelou
rhoswhen: but scott rejected me
rhoswhen: c'est la vie
rhoswhen: life is cruel treat you unfairly
rhoswhen: but mini me
rhoswhen: you complete me
rhoswhen: juuuuuuust the twoooo of us
rhoswhen: yeaarh!
rhoswhen: quite pleasent really
rhoswhen: ust me and you
rhoswhen: gettin jiggy with it
rhoswhen: yearh!
rhoswhen: hoo!
rhoswhen: thats all.
HopelessOnederer: haha, man you have no life

*sigh* tonight was brad's going away party. if you ever read this, brad, i'll miss you. i know i said it like 5 times but hey, it's nice to know people care. thats what i always say. so take care, brad.

Friday, March 07, 2003

this guestbook has to work, or ill kill someone. sometimes the link appears, and sometimes it doesn't. what is that. that's ridiculous. yknow what else is rediculous? how i dunno how to spell rediculous. someone please tell me. yknow what ELSE is the shit? socrates.

i'm listening to this cd that i made 2 years ago during the spring. its got good stuff on it--darling violetta, badly drawn boy, caviar, incubus, nick drake. it brings back fond memories of spring...back when i was a lil chicky of 15 years. it almost makes me want to throw open the windows and turn on the fan in here, but then i remember that spring is only a distant memory. the warm, wet smell of thunder storms and the vibrant, luscious green is only associated with the songs i hear and not yet tangible.
soon, my friends, soon spring will be here...

why i think the "war on terror/iraq/hussein/bin laden" or whatever they're calling it now is BS:

we really dont have a reason to go over there and level iraq. do we? they have weapons of mass destruction, oh holy cow! SO DO WE! and that press conference crap with bush last night was pointless. did he answer any old questions? did he answer any new questions? nnnnope. frankly i think it was put on the air, basically for bush to go "hey! look! over here! no dont forget about the iraq war! no no! look look press conference!" and the same thing goes for the man that is allegedly one of al queda's top men. i highly doubt that he has anything to do with al queda. i don't even think thats the same room they nabbed him from, and thats probably not even him on the front page.

call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but this whole iraq crap is just one big lie. maybe i'm wrong, and maybe i'm right. but i can't stand any more of this! as frau fabinssinoffwhateverlongnamearooneysch would say, "Lies! ALL LIES!"

so there you have it: i distrust everything the medias and governments say.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

i bought insense today at the mall. it smells puuuuuuurdy. i just went up into my room where i burned the insense and the smell hurt my teeth. is that a good thing? ok so, the link for my damed guestbook thing isnt working, so i put it on the table to the left. maybe it'll work, maybe it wont.

team cheerio's you're the one! when i'm with you i have so much fun! so now i think i have this feature where you can sign my posts. lets say if you wanted to object to my using the word "the" or "so" or "yknow" too much, you could leave me a message on this guestbook thing that i signed up for. it's free, too. which is cool. i wanted the one steven has, it's run by but they're apparently down so. yknow. this is such a pain for it to WORK...

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

woo hoo!!!! i got a part in the one acts! the funny thing is is that auditions were monday and tuesday after school. i didnt find out until after school on tuesday and i was PISSED. i threw quite a fit. so i just figured i'd show up today at the call backs and say "hi, i'm an ass. i didnt know auditions were this week, so here i am, without monologue. can i read?" so i did. i auditioned for 3 people's plays, all of them my friends/people i knew well enough to feel comfortable in front of. i didnt really think i'd get anything, and i was worried that people would pick me only cuz i was friends with their friends or what not. but i think i did a good job! anyways. i will be playing god. yes, thats right. god. and im so happy cuz thats the only part i wanted!

in other news, i have the eyesight of a 50 year old man. yes thats dad tried on my glasses and went "hey! i can see better with your glasses on!"

isnt that great.

i got glasses. i am the shit.

augh. no snow day for us. but i can garauntee you, some people aren't coming in. lucky bastards.

i remember one time in 7th grade it snowed soooo much. oh man it really was a lot, plus it was windy like a mofo. we didnt even get a snow day then! i usually got a ride from my friend rosemary to school in those days. i would walk over to her house and then her dad would drop us off. so i get to her house after walking 2 blocks and im exhausted. it was early in the morning, and cold so no one had shoveled, so i walked through tons of snow in the god awful cold weather and wind. so i get to her house, and she goes "yeah, my dads car wont start so...we have to walk." so we walk. and its a mile from her house to school. so we walk and walk. we couldnt even talk to each other; it was too cold. and we walk and walk and walk and walk. we get there and we're late. it didnt exactly matter, i mean, the weather was so shitty anyone could be excused. the next thing i remember is i'm standing in homeroom looking out the window. it really was beautiful. it was so nice and warm inside. the room was a nice shade of green-blue, and it was a stark contrast with the black trees and white snow mounds outside. if i had taken a camera for what i saw, im sure i would have one an award for the best damned color picture ever. so im lookin out the window, and all of a sudden, the power goes out. "SEND US HOME!" was the cry. i had barely realized what happened when the power came back on. "SEND US--oh." i said. "No, no." said Mrs. Kenny, my homeroom teacher. "Let's all have a seat and get ready for morning prayer." i was pissed. so was my teacher. we all wanted a snow day, so why didnt they give it to us?

stupid administration.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

uh what was i gonna say...oh yeah. hahaha ok my eyesight's so bad, even my CONTACTS are thick. it's really a shame. i'm gonna be blind by the time im 23. mmm....fat tuesday...where's that ice cream...

LBUAWAP Day! it was supposed to be today, but meghan and i, the creators, were a little too lazy this weekend do plan anything. so we pushed it back for next tuesday, march 11, 2003. watch for it america! oh and just in case you're wondering, LBUAWAP stands for:

LBUAWAP Day is basically a day for straight women, gay men, and bisexual individuals to gather together with their friends and bitch about how much guys suck. whoops i just posted all that and i wasnt done. anyways.

Monday, March 03, 2003

i am just so rediculously angry right now...its unbelievable.

i just thought you should all know that.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

well well well. duuuuude dana's party was SO fun. dana, if you're reading this (which you're probably not, but hey you might), bring those dice with you wherever you go. even to school. especially to school.

i had plenty of time to do my homework and yet...i still havent done it. and i have an ass-load to do. oh my sweet jesus its a lot of work. i'll prolly go do it after i type all this crap out and brush my teeth. haha i just realized i spelled "ridiculous" wrong in my last post. i thought it was a little off...

my dad: (in the other room) stand by the phone hmhadnhmmnams...
me:..uh...yeah ok.

i really have no idea what that was.

god, theres nothing going so bored. and dammit i dont wanna do hw. this morning i woke up, and i heard the wind blowing and i was like "oh it's windy, cool." cuz i like the wind. so i got out of the shower and open the blinds and its windy AND snowy. i was pissed. i hate snow. and then! oh man! so saturday, people wanted to go downtown. so i told my mom people wanted to go downtown and then go to the metro at 6 for a show, but she was like "no you stay home and do your homework bla bla bla" so im like "FINE." and i slept until dinner. so during dinner, my mom was like "weren't you going to the metro?" i was like "...IT WAS A PACKAGE DEAL! DOWNTOWN AND THE METRO! THEY BOTH CO-EXIST WITH EACH OTHER YOU STUPID BITCH" but i didnt say that. i just said ""