Thursday, February 27, 2003

i'm a little off today, be warned.

yknow what bothers me about the tv news? the tv news bothers me not only because its really shitty, but because they speak with uncertainty ALL THE TIME. take this example that i pulled out of my ass:
"why this pill MIGHT make you live longer. why scientists are advocating the use of this new drug..." this voice over is crudely spliced over file footage of a closeup of a hand holding pills, pills being put into a jar at a factory, doctors and women talking, etc.

or something like this, maybe?
"why mayor daley might not be mayor again...tune in to find out..." and this voice over is aired with file footage of mayor daley reading to inner city children and mayor daley walking and smiling. then when you turn in, you find out the election is a few months away and theres a slim, teeny weeny, itsy bitsy chance that he COULD JUST MAYBE NEVER EVER be mayor again. hey, it COULD happen and therefore they can say it.

it's rediculous! im sorry but local network news is absolute garbage. the lighting is awful, the sets are drab (look at channel 7 news! sheesh! they've had set that since i was 8!), the anchors' voices are piercing and irritating, the women always wear red which is NOT the most receptive color to wear on live television. i think its a proven scientific fact that red is a bad color for tv. to hell with network news! EVERYONE LISTEN TO NPR!


so how are you all?

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

i'm just playin around...gotta get this right. the funny thing is it looks best on the computers at school, but at home it's super dark. go figure. I AVOW TO GET THIS RIGHT! meh i like the background color.

i'm sitting in again on art history and apparently this girl really needs to call her mom about...apologizing to her? something like that. the girl sounds totally stupid though. the more and more i think about it, the more and more i realize that i am reverting to my pre-kairos days. gah. not good. or is it? im not sure. im starting to get mad at myself because i want to write more in this journal that i have at home. its an old fashioned journal, one where you write in it and smear the ink with your tears. did i say that aloud? actually i dont really cry all over my journal. the only reason why its smeary is cuz my hands are sweaty man hands and the ink is of poor quality. HERE COMES MEGHAN! woo bell time im gonna hit the vending machines.

so i think we have poltergeists.

this morning when i was getting dressed, at about 6:35, i heard 3 booms on my door. at the sound of the 1st boom, i looked up at my door, and then the 2 remaining booms happened, causing my door to shake. i froze. "w-what?" i managed to say. "who is it?" i demanded again, this time louder. no answer. i walked over to the door and yanked it open. no one was there. i timidly poked my head out the door and looked around. still no one. i managed all my strength and barged into my parents room.
"zz...huh?" my mom asked, poking an unbrushed head over the covers.
"did you bang on my door?"
i looked to my dad. definately not him: he was snoring and apparently having a dream about chasing someone due to his foot twitching. damn. i then went to my sisters room; wasnt her either. she was half asleep when i came into her room, and her door was shut all the way. if it was her, i would have heard her door open and walk in front of my door. and i live with this girl and trust me...there is no possible way for this girl to do anything softly.
so...i went back to my room and stared at the open doorframe. and stared. and stared. then i got dressed (quickly, with the door open so no more knockings) and came down here. and thats where i leave you. g'day, all.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003 <--I WANT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE TEE-SHIRTS. do you ever flip a light switch out of habit? i do. in my mudroom, we have this flourescent light that you have to pull a chain to turn on. so whenever i go in the mudroom i usually turn the light on so i can see, yknow? and then i turn it off when i leave. but it seems that even if i go into the room without the light on and go to leave, i pull the chain anyways, even though its not on. brains are weird like that.

colors, colors? you like the colors? i think they're hilarious. the look dark on my computer and light on the one at school. which is true, which is true...g'night all.

doo da doo da doo...i'm supposed to be working on my website. well, i am technically working on a website, and it is BOOYAH. what do you think of the new colors? personally...i think they're delightfully ugly! so i might keep them. i was trying to go for something cookie-like, but its hard to do things with just about 2 colors of brown and beige that look good together. hot pink font? please work...oh man. what can i say? I LOVE THIS!

Monday, February 24, 2003

well well well...look who it is. no look, i can't see who it is. who is it? oh hey. whats up? yeah same here. im listening to weezer. i didnt use to like them but now i do. go figure. yeah i'm just chillin for a few minutes before i go and re-do ALL MY HISTORY HOMEWORK cuz i didnt do all the right stuff. fuck that shit man. i took a 3 hour nap when i got home, i only meant to sleep for abuot 45 minutes, heh heh heh. so maybe i'll finish all my hw, take a shower and then hit the hay again cuz DAMN im exhausted lately. i have to read this book for theology class though, which is poo cuz i have to have it read by thursday. and there arent any sparknotes for that book, either. its called "the breakable vow." its about a woman who was in an abusive relationship for 8 years. its kinda interesting in that like, it all takes place on the south side of chicago, not too far from where i live and used to play when i was little. so i can imagine all this stuff pretty vividly...the description of the family life, the places where she hung out, her friends...all of its pretty similar to what i grew up with. so i think it will be an easy read. well i'm gonna go be a journal whore and read meghans, hehe. she's snicker doodles, btw.

btw--im starting over. stupid fuckers. its gonna be all cool brown and tans to reflect cookie colors.

god this still looks rediculous. stupid me not being able to choose some some funky colors. meh i'll do it later.
i been really tryin baby....tryin to hold back this feelin for SOooooo long....and if you i feel baby...come on...AWWWW....lets get it oo-on...
i was downloading music last night until 12. and i didnt finish the end of a tale of 2 cities. yes, i know. i can kiss my ass goodbye.

PS--new strong bad email!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

i <3 playing with colors. dont you? i'm really trying. where the hell is that grey coming from? maybe its gone. this is getting out of hand. i just want purdy colors! the blog server is gonna hate me. go away gray! oh yes the server hates me definately. STUPID GRAY/GREY GO AWAY.

Look what people are saying about "is everyone appropriately cookiefied?"!

"What the hell?"--Playboy
"Sometimes I don't get you."--Gina Del Coiro
"This is the worst tripe ever. No hot pink hearts."--seventeen
"Bad for the world! Don't read!"--Ranger Rick

i went to that depaul open house dealy today. if i go there, ill major in the art and art history department. not sure which art field yet, however. probably photography or ice fishing.

i changed the name of my blog. it was funny: at the open house they had cookies, big fat honkin tasty cookies. so a group of us were hangin around, eatin our cookies, and our guide (who was cute, btw) was rushin to make sure that we were all ready to go over to the art building, and he's runnin around and callin people and stuff, and then finally he was like "WE GOT EVERYONE? OK! OK? EVERYONE APPROPRIATELY COOKIEFIED?" and i thought it was funny.

god almighty, tomorrow i gotta change the color scheme on this thing.

i really wanna write a tv script about my life. dude, everyone would watch that show. and my family would. maybe some friends. and theyd tell me "oh its so good!" but it wont be that good. so i figure ill make it truly good and then people wont have to lie to make me feel better! hooray!

think about it though.
if your life was on video tape (who sang that song? i know who sang it, do you? 1 dollar to the first person who tells me), would people watch it? would it win emmys and peoples choice awards and tv guide awards? i think mine would. i have plenty of comedy in it, enough drama and teenage angst, and yes! some truly frightening moments. like that time i brought that red vinyl scrunchy old-lady purse to school that was pretty freaky.

speaking of pretty freaky, i had this dream last night that i was auditioning for agents. i didnt get any agents, however they let me keep their notes on me so i could review them and come back to them when i was "improved." apparently my dad was one of the agents, and he gave me good reviews, but one of the agents wrote "is too tall." another wrote "too independant, needs to be more toy-like." and i thought "what the fuck? 'TOY-LIKE?' the hell is that! they want me to be like britney spears, some old mans sex kitten? thats rediculous, i'm gonna audition as myself anyways."

one last really long note: nia vardalos, my personal hero (even though she's a size 8...skinny bitch lol), has made a new spin-off of her movie "my big fat greek wedding." it's called "my big fat greek life" and its on monday, february 24, 9:30PM ET/PT. i dunno what time that means here. maybe 9.30 i dunno. ah well. gotta go to the depaul open house. mary, lets go to school in california.