Saturday, February 22, 2003

hello. what was i gonna say? oh yeah.

sign you're getting older #1: you write the persons name on the inside of a greeting card at the top of the greeting with a comma after it.

so my friend jake told me once about this monk at his school... well i guess you could call him a "brother." but i didnt want to start out with "my friend jake told me once about this brother at his school" because i didnt want to confuse you. i figured you might think "why didnt she just say 'kid' or 'guy' or 'boy?' why did she say 'brother?' is he a home-dawg then?" but i think i should take my faithful readers a little more seriously. anyways, now that ive completely confuzed my friend jake has this substitue teacher who's a brother (not a home-dawg), he's a monk, right? and he talks in something called the "fourth person." now, im not entirely sure theres a grammatical term called "fourth person," but i guess it could be called that. apparently his IQ is off the charts, and we all know how if a person is too smart, they tend to be weird. well this brother (not a home-dawg) talks to himself about himself. for instance: "awww theyll laugh at me brother....awww you dont know beans from buckshot..." now isnt that interesting? and imagine that with an irish brogue! yes, hes straight off the boat irish. thats gotta be the coolest thing to hear. i wouldnt care if he was a little off kilter, id rather have him as a sub than stinky sr. cora.

tomorrow is my dads 50th birthday. that got me thinkin. one day, the music that i listen to right now, the same music that i dance around in the darkroom to, the same music i think about making out to, the same music thats on my favorite tv shows is all gonna be collaborated one one station with the tagline "we play the greatest hits from the 90s and millenia!" i'm gonna be old. im gonna die. i'm gonna wear straight-leg pants and old-lady tan shoes with extra grip on the bottom and have my hair in boufonts. or maybe ill wear flare leg jeans and super klunky shoes and midriff tops and rock out like mad to the "oldies." and yknow what else sucks? after college, i wont have summers off anymore. ill be stuck in some office building wearing constricting clothing and breathing air conditioned air.

stupid life.

Friday, February 21, 2003

i think in my photography class i have the most prolific and philosophical thoughts. luckily i was free and had time to write it all down. so heres part of a note that i started to write to seana, but decided that it was too pessimistic and ominous to give to one person to read, so i wrote her a different one and decided to share this sad, sad, stupid letter with you all. but on a lighter note, my dog just walked in here and he really smells. and annies kickass mix is indeed kickass. back to our regularly scheduled program.

what is the shiznit my bizatch.

im just sittin in photo being bored. i finished my photo assignment #1 and i just have 2 more to go. we have to partner up in here and take pics of each other with the digital camera but i dont really know anyone so im prone to not talking much. dude i wish i was going to u of i. im worried about college. dude i dont want to leave. im starting to get comfortable with this station in my life and now...well now i gotta get up and go. feels like people are leaving left and right already. i know brad is, theres one. and then people are talkin about u of i and who theyre gonna room with and their majors and i just wanna be like "Let's all go to Moraine together!" but thats just silly. cuz people cant stay together forever. i mean they can, its entirely possible and it happens all the time, but i worry that ill never see the people ive seen every day for 4 years ever again and that bothers me because i love and like all of them. even the girls i think are stupid and skanky, dude they are a part of my life. i know im gonna move on, go to columbia (hopefully), find new people to hang out with but christ it just wont be the same. only some months left and then away everyone goes. i dont feel like people are leaving me behind, though, oh no. no its more like a big hammer with "college" written on it smashed a plate made out of us and sent all the pieces scattering. some pieces stay together for a while, they kind shoot out in pairs i guess is how i see it. but eventually the pieces break away some more and finally split away all together. im just wondering whats gonna sweep us all together and glue us? christmas break? spring break? high school 20 yr reunion? and what pieces will be missing or so cracked and chipped that they don’t fit anymore in the plate? whats gonna happen?

well there you go, folks. thats my free-writing session for now. see ya later i think i need a nap. no, i NEED a nap.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I AM THE LEEZARD QUEEN! hear me roar! i finished my english project (it's 9 pages long) and i got a dress for the father/daughter dance tomorrow. its cute, black strapless with a bit of white lace at the top and cute little pink flowers on the lace. its all flowy, i like it. oh, and meghan wants me to do this...

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but...i...but...DAMN YOU QUIZILLA!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Alright. This post is actually serious, for once. So I'm going to use proper punctuation because I've decided to get all high and mighty on your asses.
Bush. I hate him. I am a pretty left-wing person and to have a right-wing person in charge of the place that I live upsets me. So if you're republican or pro-America at this point, then skip this post.

I was talking to my mom tonight and she was telling me about this lady that goes to the same pottery studio as my mom. For the sake of making things easier to understand, I'll call the lady "X." X said that she's friends with a man who emigrated from Jamaica about 15 years ago. When he came to America, he enlisted because it made citizenship easier to attain. When he served his term, he became a full citizen.
Now that America is gearing up to go to war, they called him up and asked him to re-enlist. He said no, but they told him that if he didn't, they could deport him. See something wrong? I do. When he asked why he would be deported, they gave him some roundabout bullshit. What he told X was that it was because of the new "Homeland Security Act" that he could be deported.

Seems to me the monkey has too much power. Dictatorship, here we come.

why hello! fancy meeting you here. i made a significant dent in my reading of A Tale of Two Cities today. only about...60 more pages to go. but i still am rather overwhelmed with the workload. i always do this--procrastinate to no end and then SUFFER. but thats alright, cuz i brought it on myself.

plums taste like summer.
i cant wait for summer. i need it so bad...i need flip flops and tank tops and sunglasses and the sunsets at 8:00 and sunburn and sleeping with the windows open and driving with the radio full blast. yes my friends, there is such a thing as seasonal depression and i have it.

wheat thins are tasty little fuckers if i do say so myself. theyre so thin and wheaty. and orange juice with no pulp! oh its so tasty and pulp-free. no offense to you pulpists out there, but its wrong. it just defeats the whole purpose of drinking a liquid. with the pulp stuff, you gotta chew it or scrape it off your teeth. damn, thats just not right. its just not right.

in the works: L.B.U.A.W.A.P. Day! (more info as it develops)

theres something so bogus about "send this to everyone you know" on e-mail forwards. i mean, if i really thought this was true, i would send it to everyone i knew. the same goes for "this is not a joke." just having that anywhere in an e-mail forward cancels out all previously said good intentions in the e-mail, such as "e-mails from a certain ' all contain a virus. do not open them! a friend of mine did and now he has no more house. THIS IS NOT A JOKE."

well my stupid e-mail forward writer, you wrote 'this is not a joke' and now i know it is.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


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eating people

well hello there. so i think i screwed up the color scheme here. but thats ok. well not really. i plan on fixing it tomorrow during 8th period. no wait, i have to print pictures. gah.

tomorrow we're decorating katie's locker for her birthday, which was sunday, as you may know. we have some good stuff to put up there. well at least i do. a picture of kelsey grammer, some transvestites, 2 pictures of her...oh its gonna be glorious.

speaking of glorious. remeber that woman who dissapeared on christmas eve last year, who was 8 months pregnant? well frankly, i think her husband was behind her dissapearance. i mean, how could he NOT be? i know its not cool to judge people on physical appearance, but jesus christ that man gives me the heebie jeebies. he's so...lizard-like and evil sounding i just find it hard to believe that their marriage was "glorious." yes, he said their marriage was "glorious." i mean, what the hell! did they win wars together or something? glorious. gimme a flippin break.

songs to download:
Blue Sun--Darling Violetta
The Scientist--Coldplay.

doo da doo...colors are fun tra la la....just hold this string as i walk away AS I WALK AWAY...i now have this obsession with weezer. which is weird cuz i remember when they first came out, i didnt like them. now i must have their cd. oh my mind is a phunny phickle thing.

i'm sitting in on this art history class during 8th period. im supposed to be doing my webdesign homework, and i did it, and i think i did it right. but we'll see. oh, we'll see. anyways, this class has a lot of intelligent people in it, namely meghan. now meghan, don't go thinkin this is false compliments. it's true, you're intelligent. but i just don't see how you can possibly maintain your sanity in this class. i have ignorami in my theology class and believe you me, they're a pain in my brain. anyways, i just don't know how you can sit here. but i like this teacher, Ms. Shmeneke? how is that spelled? i dunno. i think she's intelligent too. she has a real passion to make everyone learn and be aware that theres more to this world than the south side of chicago. oh here you come, meghan.

no one has change for a five. and all i want is some FOOD.

oh i love to play with my colors...tra la la.

Monday, February 17, 2003

phew. i am good to go with school tomorrow. didnt read all of my english, but i put a fairly good dent in it and caught up with sparknotes. god bless sparknotes. yknow whats a good song? 'island in the sun' by weezer. i like songs about running away and doing nothing. like this one, and 1000 miles by okgo, and theres this one by the fly honeys that i like. ha, fly honeys. i remember them. sophomore year all over again. well not really. they were just around when i was a sophomore is what im trying to say. anyways where was i. yeah i'm not tired. its not good. i had too much caffeine! i was drinkin all this pop and tea to keep me awake while i was reading and now im not gonna be able to sleep. woo hoo i just yawned theres hope for me yet.

so im listening to the smallville soundtrack online, and its...not that good. theres only 2 songs on here that are good, the theme for smallville and island in the sun. then they had to put that sappy 'superman' song by five for fighting or whoever the shit was drunk enough to sing that and mess a lot of it up. the other songs on here are just boring and hurting my ears. so i dunno people. if you like crappy rock, then buy this. but yknow. im still listening to it *shrug* well folks im gonna shove off and waste my time on other places of cyberspace. rock on.

one more history essay, 2 paragraphs for french class, and about 150 pages to read for english and then i'll be done. god i'm such a pussy! i need that stuff, whats it called...ritalin. maybe thatll help me focus. or make me super-freaky mellow. either way, i hope i go to columbia for college. i mean, nothing could possibly interest me more than non-scholastic stuff. i want to go to columbia so i can enhance my imagination the correct way instead of daydreaming and wishing of doing other things when i could be doing my homework. like this for instance. i really should be working hard and yet, here i sit. typing away at a blog that no one but myself and possibly meghan (and who knows, steven) reads. oh fuck i just remembered about the HUGE english assignment thats due on thursday. and for that i need to read. hmm...i should go now.
alright remember to rock on. and i spilled tea all over my face and shirt. i am awesome.

so i ended up being able to go to katie's party. but im still pissed at my parents. and myself...i'm doomed. tomorrow is going to be one long homework session full of stress, yelling, crying, doodling, daydreaming, sleeping, and beating myself up. yeah i'll let you know how that i gotta buy stuff for katie's present.oh fucking hell my ears are messed up! i got these headphones that go in and around your ear yknow, and one fits ok but the other doesnt. stupid ears. i should prolly go so i can get enough sleep so i can start on my fucking homework. fuck fuck fuck.

still wanting to be an orphan.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

erin's play was a lot of fun. sleeping over was fun too. i had a good time. erin looked very pregnant, which is good cuz she was supposed to be. on a lighter note, i wish my family would die and leave me an orphan.

is that too much to ask?