Saturday, February 15, 2003

yo. i'm going to my friend erin's play tonight. got into a fight over that with my parents. so now i have to come home even earlier from her house tomorrow morning and cant go to my friend katie's birthday party. they asked me if i felt guilty cuz they wanted to go to a movie tonight but since i "already made plans," they said with ever-so-much disdain, they asked me if i felt guilty.

yeah i feel guilty. only because i feel like i hurt katie more than i hurt my parents.

they can stick that in their pipe and smoke it.

woo hoo! tonight was a good time. mexican food, lazer tag, cosmic bowling, ice cream, dancing around like an idiot...oh it was a damn good time. i'm quite tired, but here i sit anyways. piddling away my life and time that i could be utilizing but yknow. im a lazy fucker. i really gotta get goin on my homework though. or i can kiss my future goodbye. i want another popsicle...

its snowing a lot right now. i hate snow. hate hate hate it. i cant wait for summer where i can get away with sleeping late and wearing next to nothing. my idea of perfect weather is 80 degrees F, with 90% humidity, sleeping with the windows open and the fan right in your face. ahhh...summer. thats right folks--i don't use air conditioning. i dont like it. you spend all winter with your windows closed and then you keep them closed during the summer too because you have air conditioning on. thats just not right, i say.

Friday, February 14, 2003

it only works if i post i see....ah well. i'm gonna go get ready for tonight.

i'm just playin around, doin nothin.

i was just thinkin as i was putting away the dishes. i would so love to be a comic book artist! man that would rock. i used to read comic books when i was little all the time. but not anymore. i guess i grew out of them. but wouldnt being a comic book artist be the shit? unfortunately, all my comics would be something like "The Neverending Adventures of Angela's Turkey Hand."

oh well.

i have nothing really interesting to say other than it's difficult to arrange plans for a lot of people. you never know if someone's gonna like what you have planned or have a ride or whatever. it's difficult to be a leader. the other day at school we had an assembly about college and what job interviewers were looking for. apparently, they're looking for "proven leaders."

that's definately not me. and i don't want it to be me. i know this sounds foolish, but i don't like having to worry about these things! is everyone happy? can everyone make it tonight? can people afford the plans? i know its not my problem if they can't do it, but yknow. i'd like everyone to be happy. plus i think im too nice to be a leader. well, im not like cutsie wootsie nice, im just...yknow. a people-pleaser. that's what i am!

a people-pleaser.

oy vey. here i am trying to make this blog my own little baby and lemme tell you summin GOOD...html is one difficult concept to master. i think ill just stick with my GoLive at school, thank you very much! hehe.

anyways. tonight i had a good time. mary, dana, anne, katie and i went to the mall to look for dresses. we had a good time. i found one. i must say that i definately have the body type of most classical greek statues. yknow. big. and i found a dress that accentuates my bigness, and i have to say i liked it. i looked different. not some frizzy blonde waif. nope, there i was. big hips and weird stomach, all for the world to see. and i gotta admit i thought i looked ok. of course, i need some more freakin confidence to pull a dress off like that. but that will come in time.

then we went to burger king and it went something like this at the drive thru:

me: i'd like a small chocolate shake too.
lady: no shake...
me:no, i want a shake.
lady: no shake...
me: yeah! i want a shake!
lady: no shake...
me: no! i want to order a shake!

then my friends informed me that they couldn't make shakes. it was quite funny. and then i put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot when i was leaving seana's house made for that too. all in all it was a night for angela!

so how are you doing? well i hope from the last time you read this. or may have read it. how exactly can i get someone to read this? i need to know so i can become a huge phenomenon like homestar or emotion eric. i think that once i get my OTHER site up, the one i'm doing at school, this will be cooler. i hope.

that's all i want! is to be some sort of internet phenomenon. 15 minutes of fame or SOMETHING that people will talk about. desperate cry for attention? not really. it's just that i see how my friends are all into these little things and talk about them all the time, and i want that too. it's not like i dont have my friends respect (cuz i'm pretty sure i do) its just like, yknow. wanting to be reknowned for making that one paper airplane out of chicken fat...ok that made no sense. its late. i should go to bed but i dont wanna...

today is valentine's day. happy valentine's to whoever you are reading this. rock on.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

awlroight. now that we got all that jazz outta the way, allow me to fiddle with the what nots.

links. very cool.

italics...oh slanty.


looks good to me. i'm tryin to figure out how in the bejeezus i can change the colors and stuff for this page. alas, i am at a lost and HTML illiterate. feh. ah well. c'est la vie pour moi. anyways, how are you doing? well, i hope.

i am doing well also. i'm getting over my cold nicely and i finally got to work in the darkroom at school today. i am no longer that far behind. i wish i could show you the picture i printed...i'll have to find a way to do that. but in the meantime, here's a story for you. wait no. i must go. goo bye.

here is my first blog post. please read it carefully.