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yeah yeah yeah. wow this format is different. its just like the one at work. okay enough of my subconcious invading my typing....

I HAVE A COMMENT SECTION! hehe. it took me a while but i got the colors to what i wanted. at least. a bit.

last night was a ton of fun, even if i couldnt stay. nothing says "X-TREME" like a jump-n-fun, pinata, girls making out, losing my shoes, and lots and lots of sweat. speaking of, i gotta call katie and ask her if she took my shoes. i hope she did, cuz i have hers. i think theyre hers.

im exhausted today. but its a good exhaustion. hmm. doo ba doo. im not sure what else i can write. the other day i had an urge to write in my paper journal, but there was just so much stuff going on that itd be hard to write in. see, i always do that. i buy a journal and intend to write in it, but then i dont. so people, dont buy me journals.

well i think im gonna end this jimmy and go do my nails. adios my fellow shamericans.