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well what the hell. i wrote all this good stuff in my blog, and i opened a new link, and it said "well do you want to lose everything you just wrote? i'll save it for you!" and i said "cool, okay" and i clicked "ok" and now when i go back to it, it seems i cannae find it all. so here we go.

i went to orientation and im really quite happy with my choice in school. i think itll be a good place to go, however i sincerely hope i find some decent, straight-edge people to hang out with because...well...*sigh.* i just dont do that stuff. orientation was alright. nothing really spectacular. the most exciting part was getting my schedule done. here it is in case anyone cares. i know you all do.

9:40-10:40-- English Composition/Rhetoric 103
10:50-11:50-- Some sort of math...
1:10-2:10-- Philosophy

1:10-3:40--Crappy ass "Discover Chicago" thing

Same as monday


Same as monday

well. thats all for now, folks. i have nothing more to say and even less energy to type it all out.