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well hello there. yknow i had something interesting to talk about, but i just lost it when i sat down. hmm...wait oh yeah.

i was watching Mystery! on PBS just now (don't make fun, i used to love that show when i was like, 11. i blame it on my auntie kate.) and it was this story where this gypsy woman in a circus is murdered. turns out it was her estranged husband killed her because he was afraid that she would take their two sons away from him when they left the town to go on their way. i hope i didnt ruin the ending for anyone. but i digress. so at the end of the show when everything is wrapped up, the two sons get to join the circus anyways since they're the dead woman's sons. now my first thing to say is thats a sad twist of irony; my second thing to say is HOW FRICKIN COOL! man, i wanna join a travelling gypsy circus! i think i'd do great. i could be the fat chick (though i must admit, i'd have to keep workin at it) or i could stand there as they throw knives. but id prolly do poorly cuz well, i tend to flinch at everything. i blame that as well on my auntie kate.

argh. the humidity really messes up my sinuses. or is it sini? no...no it's sinuses. yeah man, its hard to breathe today. and my hair is limp and lifeless, but i blame that on my shampoo. its good stuff, yknow, clarifying, but you should really only use that stuff once a month or when necessary. but i bought some new stuff at walgreens today so all is well.

whoa my mom walked into the kitchen and i totally thought someone was breaking into the house.

last night i was having one of those action-packed dreams, and in the middle of it, someone knocks on my door and hands me a little doll house. i open it up, and it tells me i got housing at depaul and my roomates name is missy. i talked to her on the phone and shes nice. oh no i gotta poop.

ok so i was listening to the radio in the bathroom and this interviewer was talking to some actor, and he says "now, ive mangled a quote of yours over the past few years and i just wanna make sure that its accurate and that you said it..." and i thought "what if the guy goes 'man i don't remember saying that.' then id laugh pretty hard." but seriously, what if someone quoted you on something and you totally dont remember saying it? and what if its a wonderful quote? what if its like...well i cant think of anything nice to say but dude, man, thatd be hilarious if you were like "uhh...yeah...i said that...um...?"

i like these days where i stay at home and do nothing. and why does my sister want tape at 10:15 at night? she has two cotton balls and wants to tape them to her pillow. or at least thats what i gather from her mumblings when i ask her what shes up to. anyways. i like these days where i stay at home and do nothing, because i actually catch up on my personal hygiene. for instance, i did my nails, toe nails, tweezed, shaved, moisturized, facial stuff, and whitened my teeth. sometimes, i like being a girl cuz it gives me an excuse to use the bathroom for a long time. *contented sigh*

tomorrow i have to go to work and im looking forward to it because Michael, my boss, said he liked one of my designs, which is great cuz i really like it too. i dont think itll get picked because it might be close to annies in classy-ness, but thats just my opinion. and i dont think ill be going for lunch either. i gotta lose weight. and oh man...oh jesus. i clicked on this link in monica/angee's profile and i thought i lost all my stuff but i DIDNT!

meh. i think this is enough for now. ill prolly do some later. adios.