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talk about scary. i have to design a poster all by myself for family night. holy frickin crap. i dont even know how i got the assignment or why i did. ergh! im afraid.

in other news, bob has finally bobbed! AT LAST! its been forever, oh ive missed you mr. bob. not really. ive just been waiting for bob cuz well, its been like a month and a half. mmm...here come the molars.

ive slept a lot lately and it feels good. lets see...at least 21 hours starting from 1:30 am yesterday morning and going on to 7:45 am today, with intervals of consciousness. mmm...here come the cantonese noodles.

for all the hourse ive slept i cant remember a single dream, which sucks, cuz im sure i had some good ones. on the train today, i was remembering how i figured out my thought patterns during the school day. it went something like: sex, food, sex, food, etc. now its mostly just sex, food, sex, sex, sex, food, sex, sleep, what's goin on tonight, sex, sex, sex, sex, food, sleep, sleep, sex.