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my undereyes are dry. its annoying.

hello everyone. guess what i had for breakfast today! well...for second breakfast. guess. no really! alright i'll tell you. I HAD A PINK FROSTED DONUT FROM DUNKIN DONUTS! i love those things. i havent had em since i was little. mmm. good times. i used to just eat the frosting off of em. not exactly nutritious, but neither is a donut on the whole.

on the whole.


soooooo tired. im thinking of doing yoga in the mornings to wake myself up. i cant seem to get rid of that heavy feeling when i wake up. but this cds workin pretty well. you'll never guess what it is either. thats right my friends, im listening to rusted root, or however it's spelled. good times with this cd. reminds me, i should call lindsey tonight and tell her to go to ashburys.

im wearing a hat! go me! now i feel like dana, i have it cocked to one side. id like one of these hats, but theyre really not me and id just be copying off dana. dana can pull em off real well. i just...well i just look stupid. mmm coffee and donut burp.