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morning everyone! whoa that was too chipper. it even sounded real perky in writing. here lemme try it again.


ah thats a lil more my pace. so how is everyone? good i hope. here i sit yet again, monday morning, at work. i love these computers here so much. i never thought i would say that about apples. *shakes head* but honestly, theyre so classy lookin and nicely color-coordinated, unlike my one at home. you can totally tell its a guys computer. the backgrounds are so ugly and the menu bar color doesnt quite match anything. i try changing it to make things nicer and more pleasant to look at, but my dad just changes it back around and then its like a color blind polish person randomly clicked buttons.


i bought these lil soy crisps today when i was on my second trip to walgreens. they kinda taste like bacon. theyre good tho, i reccomend them to anyone who likes...soy...that tastes like bacon. anne, mary, i dunno if you will.

hmm well. i have 10 minutes before i have to start actual work. if you call it work. i call it tons-o-fun. honestly, its so cool. i think i could do this for a living. im sure its far more fast-paced and grueling and stressful, but i think thats what would make it exciting.

ah well. im done. adios for now.