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i dont know why im so tired. i went to bed an hour ear;ier than i usually do and now im just frickin dead. soooo tired. im yawning yawnstop, my eyes are so heavy (and dry) and i have no energy. stupid bastards.

i really wanna watch donnie darko again. wow, that was a good movie. im listening to "mad world" which i guess you could say is the theme for the movie. its so good. god i love it. i was thinking about the movie the other day. i wanna watch it again! lets watch it tonight, guys.

hm. what else can i talk about. um, battlestar scralatchtica is a good song. word. my nose is stuffy. today theres a bake sale at work (just like at school! aw i miss those days). i only have a dollar. maybe thats a good thing. BING.

because m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-music was so much c-c-lass.

i still wanna know who was writin smack about me in marys blog. *shakes fist*