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hully gee! i havent updated this in a loooooong time. maybe its cuz theres really not that much going on anymore worth mentioning. well i mean there is, but yknow...i just dont feel like writing so much anymore. so um...sorry. besides, the only people who read this are the people i see on a daily basis and they all know what the shit is and what the shit isnt and sometimes what the shit looks like and oftentimes how the shit feels to be loved by you.


either way.

annie wants to buy a photoshop book which is funny cuz i dont know why. man i have coffee breath. WAIT! heres something to talk about. dude, dunkin donuts is frickin awesome. their ice coffees are HUGE AND CHEAP! STARBUCKS BLOWS HUGE BALLS! and annie is cold in here but its really not that cold. well i dont think it is. if i was as skinny as her tho i bet id be cold. alright thats enough of this rambling.