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How is your summer going? Let's-a find out, shall we?! [okee!]

Name: pick one, any one.
Do you have a job this summer? yes ma'am...sir...i like it very much.
Did you go on vacation? noo....BUT I CAN'T WAIT FOR IRISH FEST! OH MAN! EEE!
Because it is summer, what time do you go to bed? eh, round 2 am.
What time do you wake up? usually 7.45 am but today i got up at 8.30 cuz i showered at night. i think im gonna do that from now on.
Do watch any daytime talk shows or soap operas? nah. i did when i didnt have a job, like, fresh/soph year
Do you have a pool? i have dana's pool--> uh huh. thanks dana.
Does your pool have a deck? yes her's does
Go to any concerts? lollapaloOOOOOOOOOOZA! frickin incubus, motherfuckin AWESOME NEW STUFF hooo.
Do you like any new bands? eh? maybe.
Do you still think Christina Aguilera is a whore? eh. i dont care. shes nasty.
Do you think Britney spears is a skanky slut? shes a phoney, thats what.
Who have you been hanging out with this summer? in no particular order: mary, dana, anne, annie, neil, erin, seana, katie, steve, brad, dan, jason, and etc. for the boys
What do you do for fun in the summer? im usually up for anything.
Do you have Air conditioning? nope
Do you have a car? yeah i use my parents jeep
Does your car have air conditioning? yeah but i dont like it
Did you find a new crush? um...hm. not really.
Did you break up with your boyfriend? nope
Did your boyfriend break up with you? nope
If you don’t apply to any of those, how long have you and your boyfriend been going out? well...im...not sure how to answer that haha
Have you gone to any party’s? couple graduation parties, but everynite is an unofficial party!-->oh baby yeah!
Are you going away to college? yeah. well im in the same city but sure why not.
When do you leave? not sure when. aug 30 is move in day but i dont have a dorm just yet sooo...whenever
What's your major? art with an emphasis on media arts
Are you dorming? i better be
Do you know your roomate? not yet in existance
Do you know someone going to U of I? psh yeah.
What is your school mascot? depaul blue demons!
Is your foot asleep? nope
What time is it? 11 am
Are you bored yet? nah not so much
Any thing else you would like to say? i have to poop.