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another day, another good stuff done. i finished my last post card and it only took me what...like...3 and a half hours? yeah thats right. all i did was put the text in it and it took 3 frickin hours. my final copy was good, but my boss re-did it to make it more readable. that was another half an hour. so all in all...about 3 and a half hours. so i can do this job well, it just takes a while. i was very please though because my boss said he really liked my post card. it was "beautiful and poetic."

man im the shit. i can make pretty post cards like no other! watch out, world!

annie said i should add a deer into the picture. shes right, it seems like it could fit perfectly. i might when i get home. the picture is kinda elvish (wheres lindsey when i need her?). well i have about one minute left before its time to sign out and eat my bacon-tasting soy crisps, so ill sign off for now.

byebye everypeoples!