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afternoon, ladies, gents, piglets.

another day here, another day tired. honestly, i havent been this tired since school. its crap i tell ya. im just waiting for my new assignment from my boss and i guess not everyone has finished so he doest want to start anything new until we've all done something. im typing with my eyes closed now. its kinda funny. whoa i just looked at what i wrote and there arent any spelling errors. i have a new game now! i call it "IM GONNA TYPE WITH MY EYES CLOSED and turn up my music so i dont lisen to rap!"

hmm what should i write about? i hopnestly have nothing to say. i made a new friend today while i was waiting for annie to come to the bench. am i dong a good job with my eyes shut? im having too much fun! oh man im so frickin tired. anyways my new friends name is crow. i think thats what he said. i didnt want to ask him to have to repeat it because i always tend to do that and feel like an ass when i say "what?" 3 or 4 times. so his name is crow to me. someone called him "kelly" too. so i dunno. maybe ill call him crowly. man thats kind of a cool name...what? i dunno. but hes cool. he was home schooled instead of going to high school. he also told me that the girl always walks on the left of the guy if you're going against traffic in case a car would come up on the sidewalk. if that happened, the guy would get hit and not the girl. makes sense, i guess, but in all probability, the girl would get hit too. of course her injuries would be less, i think, but....wtf am i talking about.

i just thought someone shouted but it was my music. sooooooooo tired. its only 1.15. 2 hrs and 15 minutes left. thats not so bad. i think im gonna go draw. adios.