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well yesterday was a good day. i woke up and decided that going to work was not a good thing, so i slept until 12 when i had to go over to my grandma's house to help wash windows, and lemme tell ya, man i feel 100 times better than from when i woke up. mmmmhmm. so i did all that, ran some errands, and got home. then dana calls me and asks if i wanna go see a beatles cover band at navy pier. hells yeah, plus its free, even better!]

so while i was getting ready to go, i went upstairs and just happened to glance down by my parents doorway, and i noticed something. i thought "wow, that piece of lint looks JUST like a mouse." so i turned the light on, and it WAS a mouse. the poor lil thing was already dying--it must have eaten some of the poison left over from the winter from when we had mice then. it was laying on its side, gasping and trying to move away, but, well, when you're slowly dying, its hard to. then katie and dana came over right after i put the bucket over it, and we all looked at it and went "aww..." so i left it for my dad to take care of.

we took the train and the cta bus down to navy pier and ate mcdonalds and wandered around looking for the band. we finally found it and sat to watch them. the one guy playing electric guitar looked like neil in 20 years, i kid you not. some old guy asked dana to dance, she said no, and then we were all surprised when he started dancing in front of her with another girl our age. it was funny. the one who was supposed to be paul said "is there a jodi here? she requested this song we're gonna play now, its her birthday today." but she wasnt. so he said "well this is for anyone who has a birthday soon" so i got all excited and put my arms in the air (like an idiot, i gotta stop drawing attention to myself). the guy went "well someone has a birthday [3 days] at this table, why dont she and her friends get up and dance?" so we all did like a buncha dorks while they played "birthday blues" i think the name of it is...anyways they played that song and i think theres a picture or two of me and dana slow dancing.

so then we left after the show and took the train home with a buncha polish guys. dana said one of them took our picture. i feel so...fat and violated. we waved to them as the train car went past when we got off. we thought it would be funny if the only guy that saw us said "dude! they waved and showed us their tits!" we all wondered how to say "tits" in polish. its either "boobskis" or "boobowitzs."

well this post is boring and long, im sorry. today i go back to work. thatll be fun. i hope i dont get a nosebleed in the pool. and im angie mc ripass right now. and i guess the little 7 year old girl with red eyes, black hair, no eyes and no mouth didnt kill me with a knife last night in my bed because i didnt send this message on to 15 people within 5 minutes. but im still looking for someone to call me or email me at 12:12 PM and tell me they love me. i bet you anything it'll be my mom who calls me.