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today is my first day of work at gallery 37! im excited. a little bit. im not even scared or dreading it, which must be a good sign. the only thing im scared of is this goop on my glass that i didn't see when i took it out of the cabinet. is it on the inside or outside? is it from the hostess apple spice cakes that neil gave me for my birthuation, which, btw, are really tasty? or is it an alien hybrid? mmmm....no its from the apple spice cake.

well the hour is drawing closer to when i leave. im really quite nervous now. i need to stop. im just kinda worried that theres gonna be lots of artsy kids doing fantastic da vinci-like works, and then theres my turkey hand. dont get me wrong, im proud of my turkey hands, but i wish i could do 3-d looking turkeys. aiiiiiiiiiiii no es bueno! now my tummy hurts.


i shouldnt have eaten those apple spice cakes.