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this is kinda funny. yesterday night, mary came over and we rode bikes. i forgot how much fun that was. oh man i wanna ride my bike some more. unfortunately, my seat is quite uncomfortable, and my butt is sore. it feels like its bruised almost. oh well.

i have a bit of a cold and its annoying me. i wanna go to work tomorrow to make things easier on katie, but i'm just worried about gettin the little kids sick. but think of it this way, if the kids get sick they wont come in, therefore reducing the amount of work we have to do for a couple of days. but the one girl i teach, adorable abby as i like to call her, has asthma, and i dont wanna get her sick and make her breathing harder than it already is. so we'll see.

my parents saw the hulk today and they said it was really good. i usually believe them when they talk about movies and such things, so i'm gonna have to see it. that zombie movie, 28 days later, comes out on my birthday! i cant wait to see that. im in the mood for a good scary movie.

jeeze my lack of updates is rediculous. i'm tellin you, its SCHOOL! school give me stuff to talk about! even in my paper journal! but i'd rather have a summer break than have blog entries. i'm still trying to get a job. i dont want to have to keep bothering my aunt about working at bj mcmahons, but i really need a good income. i'd work at "hell," as seana so affectionately refers to it, but im sorry. it is indeed hell. and i doubt id work with her too, so that would be crappy.

poo. my belly hurts. im bored. im gonna go make my internet rounds now. what? thats right. i have internet rounds.