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oh man last night was so fun! the highlight of my night was going to jewel. oh man. you gotta watch the tape of it. yes. there is a tape. the second highlight of my night was how i scared mary TWICE in one night! the first happened when she went into her house for the second time. she usually goes in through the door by the garage, so when she went in i hid behind her garbage cans and grabbed her ankle and went "BOO!" when she came out. then later that night, she went to the bathroom, so in a stroke of pure genious, i grabbed my "body condom," held it over the doorway so the whole thing was covered, and waited for her to open the door. and waited. and waited. and waited. and then she opened the door and went "OOOHOoohohohoOOHOHOhohoohooo! MY GOD!" oh it was great.

and then what else was hilarious? scattegories, best FUCKING GAME EVER. just so you all know, whenever the letter "P" comes up, it is required to say "Papaleo" for an answer. well not really but HEY MAN thats too bad JUST SAY PAPALEO!