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more proof that annie is hilarious:
chinadoll2684 (12:20:32 PM): did u know that over 3,000 people are killed by teapots every year?
chinadoll2684 (12:20:46 PM): and that i used to live in a zoo
chinadoll2684 (12:20:53 PM): no, my name isn't annie
chinadoll2684 (12:21:24 PM): i knew ali baba and the 40 thieves
chinadoll2684 (12:21:40 PM): hell, we even robbed your house once or twice
chinadoll2684 (12:22:01 PM): but i guess u never noticed cuz u didn't mention anything afterward
chinadoll2684 (12:22:20 PM): and i have said too much
chinadoll2684 (12:22:46 PM): call me if u still consider me a "friend"
chinadoll2684 (12:22:57 PM): byyyyeeeee
chinadoll2684 signed off at 12:30:15 PM.