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last kiss: wednesday

last cigarette: 2 years ago. first and last.

last car ride: last night, coming home from seanas

last good cry: hmm...i cant remember

last library book checked out: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...library...hahahaha

last movie seen: well last night we rented robin williams live, but i think the last one i saw was "about a boy." its good, i reccommend it, or however it's spelled.

last book read: hmm. it might have been dorian gray...

last cuss word uttered: i didnt swear out loud yet today.

last beverage drank: when i was brushing my teeth i swallowed some cold water. mmm. cold minty water.

last food consumed: a handful of reeses bites. mmmm those are good and warm.

last crush: last is current

last phone call: my aunt holly

last tv show watched: i watched will and grace last night. now i know why i dont watch that show--cuz its DUMB

last time showered: this morning at 11

last shoes worn: black flip flops

last cd played: probably the ophur one

last item bought: a pint of chocolate fudge brownie by ben and jerrys

last downloaded: hmm...long time ago

last disappointment: that i left my ice cream at seanas :(

last soda drank: i had one last night

last thing written: "i had one last night"

last key used: car key

last word spoken: "alright, bye."

last sleep: from 1:15 AM to 10:59 AM

last im: to jofo

last sexual fantasy: oh man. last night.

last weird encounter: hmm. sitting in a chair that smelled like sharpie markers

last ice cream eaten: chocolate fudge brownie

last time amused: 3 seconds ago. i was eating some candy, and my sister goes "hey thats mine!" and i go "so? its my birthday."

last time wanting to die: real long time ago

last time in love: *shrug*

last time hugged: this morning

last time scolded: hmmm....last night

last time resentful: not sure

last chair sat in: this one, and the chair that smelled like sharpies

last shirt worn: this one! my chicago one. and i slept in my john lennon one

last time dancing: shit! i havent done that lately!

last poster looked at: my incubus one

last show attended: man i dont remember

last webpage visited: all over da place