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hm. i wish my thoughts were coherent. then theyd be easy to write down and read.

today im a house-angela. im picking my sister up from school and making dinner. plus i have no car, so i cant go to the mall and fill out an application for ritz camera like i wanted to do. but ill just go tomorrow then. i really hope i get a job. i applied at deb, and the lady wanted to interview me right away, but alas, her assistant wasnt there to take over the store so she said she'd call me.i dont really wanna work at deb cuz, well, its ghetto and trashy and cheap as hell, but fuck i'll take it!

last night mary, katie and i went to pie world and i saw ann jayram there, the valedictorian. i never had gotten a dirtier look from ANYONE until she looked at me right then and there. damn. im still cold from it.