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blue hair. or is it purple? that purple could be brown...

everyone who saw it today (jo ann, gina, grandmas and grandpa, christina and roger, lily, rogers parents) all went "what..." it was funny. although my hands are blue. and everytime my hair comes in contact with water, it rinses out. although, with cold water it doesnt, so i guess i have to rinse it with cold water from now on.

i really dont have much to say right now. with school all done, i dont have any pressing issues to slack off for and complain about. although, i think i will complain about the "insert" button.

we all know that button. the "insert" button. the button next to the backspace, above the delete key. im a big fan of the delete key, and i try to use the backspace as much as possible, even though it may not seem like it when i talk to my loyal subjects i mean friends on AIM. fuck! look! --> times [supposed to be "oftentimes." i just deleted a bunch of stuff cuz of the insert key! grr. well it was only like 5 letters.] i find myself hitting the insert key instead of the two other keys, and i dont know it until i deleted half my sentance. fuckin stupid key. i want the keyboard manufacturers to make a light that says "insert key on" instead of not having one. they have one for caps lock, but caps lock isnt that annoying to me.

i just have problems. and thats it. i dont need no damned comment section ANYMORE.