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baby steps my friends, its all about the baby steps.

i read seanas blog (check out the peanut butter cookies) and yeah i have to say i definately dont know how im going to function at a school with boys. i realize that when im around them, i dont even notice that theyre there. is that a good thing or bad thing? probably both. i SHOULD be myself and completely open and loud and obnoxious because i AM like that-- but should i tone it down a bit so i dont make the guys feel uncomfortable when i say "tampon," "ovaries," and do the occasional jag off motion? does it make them uncomfortable? i hope not, theres nothing worse than being uncomfortable. i know it bothers me when guys share sex stories in front of me, especially when i think theyre cute and theyre way older than me. so maybe ill just leave the personal stuff in my pocket for a while, and if i like the guy ill save it for when we're dating. then hes stuck with me. but if i dont like the guy i can also start saying the stuff to disturb him.

my dad came into the room right now and was taking some paper, and i look back at him and he shook his head. and i go "what?" and he didnt say anything. what the hell does that mean???

*sigh* suyes. tomorrow i start my venture to join the working world. please for the love of god...HIRE ME. thats right. you. reading this. give me a job right now. you know you want to. ill do anything. anything.