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alright so. my comments section, i know. its messed up. i just...i dont know. how are you all doing? im okay. today i had to go to church for my mom and "adore god" in the adoration chapel. it wasnt so bad. i just read scary stories compiled by roald dahl. hes a good writer, i have to re-read a lot of his stuff. one of my favorites that he wrote is the BFG, the big friendly giant. its such a nice story. roald dahl, what a guy.

id like to be able to write. i mean, i can, in a way. i just need to perfect my writing. things need to be more coherent and flow. like this one story i'm reading in the ghost book. its called "playmates." its very well written, it all flows together and its, hm, how do i put this? its crisp when you read it, like it was written yesterday and has fresh lettuce underneath. i dont know how else to put it!

well i lost my train of thought for now. it'll come back.