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so my art project is done, but its so bad that im not writing my name on it, and im leaving it in the classroom before school so that no one in my art class sees me walking in with it. i want no one but my teacher to see it. i cant believe i made that...holy moses what was i thinking. and its too late to redo it, its due tomorrow. plus i burnt my finger on the hot glue gun, so i suffered for it, i may as well just go through with it.


anyways, the slide show is almost done, thats a big fat plus. im just afraid that no one will like it.

CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: id steal ships for you
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: to be close to you
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: to be part of you
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: cuz i believe in you
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: i believe in you
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: i would die for you
BBsMAcK001: are you listening to the romeo and julet sound track?
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: yes
BBsMAcK001: ooohhh
CeLLoPhANeAdDicT: no dana, im obsessed with you and if you dont love me back ill slit your throat
BBsMAcK001: i knew it!

me so hungy now that i realize that im pretty much done with all my work. i should study. oh well.