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phwar. i have soo much to do for school! i gotta scan all these pics for the slide show, and i gotta turn in 6 to 10 prints for my theme in photo, which by the way, my theme is retarded. TREES! its so dumb. it really is. and then i gotta decorate lindseys locker but im not sure what time ill do THAT at. and then i have to choose a major: communications, media arts, or communication and graphic arts. and i wish i knew more about the three fields, but i dont, so im currently undecided because im not sure of what i want to do just yet. and then...graduation. big fat stage of my life is over in the blink of an eye. well more like four blinks, one for each year. sometimes the eye got pink eye and was all pussy so you had to blink a couple times to see all the way, and sometimes there was an eyelash or two in your eye, and sometimes you couldnt quite get your contact to sit right, and sometimes you might jab yourself with your eyeliner...um...what?

i think im gonna go keep reading rebecca.