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mary and i went to best buy in crestwood, then the target, then kmart, then best buy again, then the best buy in ford city AND THEY ARE ALL OUT OF SEANA'S PRESENT. *shakes fist* i'm real tired now and i want cookies so im eating them but even my mom suggested i drop a few pounds. i want my graduation dress to look nice, dont i? yeah i guess i do. so when your cookie falls apart in the milk and sinks to the bottom, do you fish it out? i know i do. cuz its just a waste of cookie if you dont. by the time you finish the milk and drink it, the cookie's become sludge and its hard to fish out of there because your hand cant fit in the glass. so then you gotta stick your middle finger and pointer in there and fish around, and then your fingers kinda smell cuz you suck on em to get the milk off...well maybe you guys don't have these problems but i know i do.