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last night (or i should say this morning at like 1) i finally wrote in my paper journal! the last entry was april 6...today is may 8. talk about a gap. i had to write all this stuff into there, the entry was like 4 pages long. im like that. i get a journal and im always like "im gonna write in it every day!" and then i do, for a month or two, then i stop. thats something i wanna change cuz even though i dont read my past entries, other people might want to. but theyll definately think i have problems if they do, so i highly advise anyone NOT TO. and i just remembered my dream!

i dreamt i rode my bike all the way to ford city, but instead of going down cicero, i went down some other street. i got lost in this area that looked a lot like the area where i was supposed to make a right turn, and i ended up in this place that i dreamt of once before. ever do that? revisit places youve been to in dreams before? it sounds like something out of a movie but it actually happens! anyways i get to this hair salon that i went to in a previous dream, and i ask someone how to get to armitage so i can go to ford city. the person doesnt help me at all, so i get on my bike and go. then i meet up with a couple of my friends, and i was like "hey lets go home." so we're takin this route home, and we have to go through a bank to get there. when we get into the bank we realize its being robbed, and one of the robbers shoots lazers at me and my friends. yeah thats right. lazers. so i fall on the ground and pretend im dead so the lazer man wont shoot me. i get up when hes gone and i run into this back room where this one robber lady is trying to make a phone call to someone about the bank robbery. i keep pressing the hang up button on the phone and she doesnt know it, stupid lady. so i grab the fax machine phone and dial home, and she goes "what are you doing??" and i said "shh im on the phone." so shes waiting and giving me the dirtiest look. i leave a message at home saying "hi guys...if i never see you again, i love you all." so tehn i hang up and start fist fighting with this woman, but then her two dogs come up and start attacking me. they bit my arm, but i had super healing powers so i kept beating the dogs up and then...well i forget what happens. but i remember getting out of the bank and everythings ok.